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Totem Talk: Leveling Enhancement 41-60 {WoW}

Apr 18th 2010 8:01AM I can't help but think that you haven't leveled a shaman in a while. using FT wep without elemental fury is quite a dps loss. double windfury is the way to go until 80s. Also, nobody should be taking static shock for soloing at these levels, water shield is so important for mana regen while soloing especially, because of the healing + more so when you have maelstrom up and running.

Also, as far as weps go, the heirloom hammers are probably the best enhance weps for the duration of 1-79. 2.8 speed with high dmg and stats.

One last last thing is this, when you train skills, flame shock comes after earth shock. what happens is, depending on your gear level, have a flame shock's dot and front load damage be less than an earth shock combined. Therefore, if your really looking at it, you should be swapping spells about every 4-6 levels. But again, if you have heirlooms, earth shock is usually a much more efficient way to go in terms of not wasting damage.

... Also, I dunno these articles are ok, but it's like if anyone with half a brain would know how to level enhancement. I think you should include some like anecdotal or experience based information. Like for example, using stoneclaw glyph for leveling, which is awesome especially when you are tanking in an impromptu group.

It's just that you can sort of surmise an enhancement rotation without even reading anything, it's not really huge information at these levels. More and more you should focus on particular quests or dungeons with gear or things to do at these levels etc. that would be a leveling guide. this is like intro to Shaman abilities.

Paladin Cataclysm clarifications {WoW}

Apr 14th 2010 3:14PM What is so wrong with some hetergeneous classes in this effing game? Why is blizzard all about equalizing everything I just don't understand it. As it stands now, Pallies are the only class that can really use a 34k+ mana pool to the greatest extent, while Shammies can use mp5 to make up their throughput.

Cataclysm is becoming such a complete homegeneous mess. I loved playing holy because using essentially 2 and 1/2 healing spells has drawbacks and advantages. It's more fun to balance single target spells to heal multiple targets. What's so wrong with bringing a shammy for a 10 man?

This game is all about "lore" and wrath did a good job and distinguishing classes. You look at hunters and mages now, what's the difference? They both essentially sit 30 yards away and lob projectiles.

Cata is going to be shammies throwing some rain down, and doing the EXACT SAME THING as circle of healing is doing now.

Blizzard, you need to get through your head that diversity is mfing good.

MY god, why not just do away with leveling. IT's the same kind of stupid bullshit that makes wow so popular. True MMO's are meant to be more than just point and click. Every class except for feral cats are basically point and click, let's be honest for once. You talk about ez mode ret pallies, what about enhance shamans? Wow already has such a low learning curve, why not make each class a totally new experience.

I'll tell you why, because people are lazy as shit, and they don't want to take the 3 seconds to figure out who's giving might and who's giving wisdom. Seriously? blessing of might gives mp5 and AP, where is the lore in that? the name doesn't even make any sense. Might of what? regeneration?

and now we give mages a BL, what's so hard about 10 mans finding an adequate shaman. That's the point of this game, you need to use your head and diversify. This is why 3 pallies can heal VOA right now, because they are good enough to make it work.

My god, there's no learning or socializing curve anymore.