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Ask your Scroll of Resurrection questions {WoW}

Mar 23rd 2012 4:42PM So how does the inactivity status affect your eligibility to receive a scroll? I'm thinking of asking for one of my old guildies to toss a scroll my way soon, but I'm a bit worried because I recently used the 7 free days of game time that blizzard kept offering.

So, I used 7 free days of fame time AFTER march 4th, but I had not actually subscribed since April 2011. Am I screwed for getting the beefed up scroll offers now? Anyone know if I can receive one now?

I suppose I could just ask a guildy to send one and see if it shows up on my account, but I'm still curious if anyone else has tried this under these circumstances.

Know Your Lore: Azshara and the Blue Dragonflight {WoW}

Jan 9th 2011 6:14PM Very interesting little dig into the history behind Azshara.

I actually *had* wondered why specifically there had always been blue elite dragon kin wandering lake Mennar; I assumed as much that there was something magical they must be looking for there, but without any quests to guide my curiosity, the question was left unanswered until I read through your column.

Very well written; I'll have to take my goblin shaman through the area and hit all the quests there to see what the encounters between the blues and blacks are like in person; my curiosity has been re-piqued!

Blood Sport: The PvP perspective on new talent trees {WoW}

Jul 19th 2010 10:33PM I most definitely agree with the demonology opportunity cost; on live, i always loathe having to blow those 17 points into demonology just to allow myself proper survivability in pvp (ie. soul link and fel domination to allow emergency pet summoning so I'm not taking 20% more damage for the rest of an arena match if my pet gets gibbed mid-fight).

Before the tree revamp I thought "hey great! I'll finally be able to take that 6 points above soul link and pick up something else... well, moderately decent in destro, or fill out those bloated talents I have to miss in affliction".

Then I noted the new trees and thought "crap, now I have to invest 6 points where I have less than half as many points to go around when it took 17 points to stay competitive. And now that everything is all new and shiny (so far) I'm missing out on other cool stuff in destro or.. well mainly destro so far because of completion, with those 6 points."

On the whole though, I like how destro is shaping up a lot so far, with demonology not far behind; although the redundancy in having to choose something like improved health funnel just to get to tier 3 is annoying, but mainly an artifact that I'm sure will be corrected in a new build soon.

I think our new stuff will complement the new shard system well, and I look forward to adapting a fresher take on the warlock's play style.

"Opportunity cost" in other talent trees is still evident too, but with Blizzard posting comments like the blue quote posted above, and the one mentioning that soul link and preparation for example suck to balance around, I'm optimistic that they'll do something great to dig those classes and others like them out of the balancing rut they're stuck in with mandatory talents (especially when it comes to pvp specs). Making the abilities baseline would be a simple solution, although I can't visualize *every* ramification that would result from that choice, but blizzard's team must have something in mind that will improve those situations.

I'm looking forward to it all :D

Lichborne: The new blood tree in Cataclysm {WoW}

Jul 7th 2010 3:58AM I absolutely agree, Zanathos.

My current standard raid/dungeon Blood tank spec takes morbidity because blood boil is not capable of keeping up in terms of threat with its current damage levels. It is kind of too bad that the damage increase for it got separated into an individual talent, but it doesn't seem like such a hindrance to take those 3 points when you have the extra -10% damage debuff going up on all mobs talented already (which any blood tank would be silly not to invest in , frankly). That's huge damage reduction, and I intend to fit an early blood boil into my rotation on trash pulls every time to take full advantage of it.

You can easily link an extra blood boil to blood tap for a death rune reset at the beginning of a pull and go from there, even when your other runes get dropped right off the pull. Mobs will be hitting much harder in dungeons from the sounds of things, so I'm all for adding back that traditional tank challenge of keeping mobs debuffed to reduce their damage output against you.

And yes, without morbidity blood has basically no aoe potential, even with 3 target heart strikes. Depending on caster mobs, movement requirements, the shorter melee range chain for heart strike may not be as reliable as a well-timed blood boil, and since we won't have the threat crazy DnD going down every 15 seconds for 1 unholy rune, I want something to make up for it. With a little skill and extra attention paid, blood boil will fit the aoe snap aggro niche quite well I should think. Blizzard promised us a tool to fit that role, and this looks like it will be it.

Cataclysm Beta: Worgen /silly and /flirt sounds {WoW}

Jun 30th 2010 11:46PM Hah! These are incredible!

I hope the goblin emotes are just as clever. Blizzard never fails to impress with their comedic touches :D

Gold Capped: Meta gem deep dive {WoW}

Jun 23rd 2010 9:00PM For the life of me I keep forgetting if meta transmutes are still on the 1 day cooldown or if they were removed from it Saronite bars > Titanium bars; anyone have an idea on how that works today?

I usually just buy raw gems when they get piled up for cheap and cut them myself as the popular meta cuts (or some of the less frequently cut ones which tend to spike anyway because other JC's pay less attention to keeping larger stocks of them on the ah; these cuts sometimes put me up almost 40g from a raw gem to a cut one on my server. It's like printing money!)

If however the transmutes don't have the cooldown attached at the moment, I'll have to start using my xmute specialist to build up a stock; getting the raw mats is guaranteed to be cheaper. Anyway, noting the posting trends after lockout resets is also useful information; I'll have to put it to good use.

And may I say, I love these articles. I have several alts with a couple maxed professions in different areas, so I tend to benefit pretty heavily when I catch wind of a market demand surge which one of my gatherer's/crafters can meet. It's fun times digging for gold :D

Blood Pact: Truth, science and flying monsters {WoW}

Apr 19th 2010 4:10PM From a flavour and art standpoint, I think sprouting wings would be the coolest and most fitting option, and here's my take on why:

All warlocks practice demonology to some extent. We summon demons and enslave them, in Cataclysm we'll have an ability where we merge souls with them to increase our own power for a short period of time. Warlocks are demon keepers, through and through.

Some warlocks choose other paths, focusing on the destructive nature of fire magic, or the potent life draining features of shadow magic. We use demons to supplement these playstyles, but it's the demonology warlocks that go full tilt in embracing the study and exploitation of power that comes with being demon keepers.

To that end, they can link souls to share damage, send their pets into a frenzy, use an entirely new demon and become one themselves with Metamorphosis. I think from a flavour standpoint, meta shouldn't be the flying form because it's the hallmark of one of the three paths of choice for a warlock. It may seem a little underutilized now, but in Cataclysm Meta will boost our own abilities more significantly, and won't seem like it feels so out of place to suddenly be running around the field, charging and taunting things.

I think that all warlocks are associated with demon magic enough to be able to magically engineer demonic wings for flight, but when affliction and destruction warlocks start zipping around in demon form, it would seem to take away the uniqueness of the symbol of demonology warlocks. They are so focused on demon magic specifically that they [b]can transform into them at will[/b].

So that's my reasoning for wings before a full demon form for flight. Other thoughts?

Breakfast Topic: Sorry, not happening! {WoW}

Apr 18th 2010 3:15PM Vehicle combat.


This includes strand of the ancients, isle of conquest (although I dislike that bg for many other reasons; why did we need a resource based 40v40 bg again?), piloting vehicles in WG (although it's bearable now, because our server is vastly horde overpopulated, so we constantly defend it, which means easy marks for gear for my pvp alts ;P ) and JOUSTING.

Holy god above, I hate the jousting. I picked up the crusader title on my warlock and haven't touched the tournament dailies since then.

It bothers me that the majority of the vehicle concept's inception has been slapped all over pvp like too much mayonnaise on soggy bread. I admit that strand interesting for the first month or so, but honestly, I don't think the round to round model fits very well into wow pvp. It makes the battleground seem too static and restricted. You either flake out for 10 minutes and fail to capture the portal and are forced to fight for another 10 minutes just to come to a draw at best, or you get steamrolled over on defense and suddenly have 4 minutes to be masters of the place or you lose.

I have high hopes for Tol Barad in Cata; I think bringing back an Isle of Quel Danas model would be one of the best motivators to get people into a ground mount zone for random pvp at any time of the day. Of course hopefully the leveling zones will attract their share of kill or be killed pvp server fun that's been missing for so long. Only having 5 levels to go makes the competition for new levelers not so steep against max level 85's as well, so it might promote group combat more when you're leveling with a pair of friends and get jumped by that fresh 85.

The Daily Quest: Starpony edition {WoW}

Apr 18th 2010 1:34AM This is my first purchase outside of my regular subscription, and it was totally worth it for me. I have 3 level 80's and another one coming around the bend halfway through level 79, so having mounts that scale to riding skill is really nice.

I also plan to level several alts in Cataclysm, to experience the zone changes and really explore the world so having mounts ready and waiting for each character is a major plus.
(and come on; Goblins and Worgen. I must give each race it's due for play time!)

Also, this is just an awesome piece of art. I'm something of an art aficionado when it comes to game art, movies, drawing and painting, etc. so I decided 25 bucks for something I'll use all the time on every character that I'll be playing all through Cataclysm which looks incredible was worth sacrificing a night at the movies, or dinner out somewhere.

The only mount that could possibly take precedence over shinyhoers would be me nailing a phoenix drop on one of my characters. *That* is still the last mount a character of mine would ever ride if I got one. Period. I always loved the phoenix art, but the Celestial steed is a close second, and the accessibility is great.