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Shifting Perspectives: The forest and the trees {WoW}

Apr 18th 2010 11:51PM "In its current form, the tree is not a strength -- it's a prison. "


It can be said that all the druid forms are a prison - because in PvE (and often in PvP) content we are not "shapeshifting" at all - we are merely standing around in whatever form we are talented for (in my case a Tree).

Putting a CD on the Tree imho gives more of a sense of shapeshifting, ie: we are transforming DURING a fight at a critical moment to increase our abilities.

And also It comes back to making all of our abilities a choice, and I personally like the idea of having more control over what spells my character uses for a given situation (I really loathe the current RJ-WG spamming trend).

I understand, and appreciate that the Tree is iconic - and a good landmarker for DPS so they are never out of range of heals. But I feel that rather than taking something away from us, Blizzard are actually giving us something - the freedom to choose WHEN to shapeshift.