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The Light and How to Swing It: Holy PvP basics {WoW}

Apr 24th 2010 1:05PM "If you're in a battleground, you should expect to die."

No, you w-i-l-l die. As soon as they see a healer now you're instakilled.

When 3 DPS are on you and with their special trinkets, you can forget surviving. Even if you stack INT and CRIT, it would not matter as there is no single target that you can heal long enough (on BGs it's "every man for himself mentality, and you can't stand still long enough to fire off the HLs. It's a HS zone, and god you want 25+% crits to compensate).

52/19/0 and nearly 600 resilience now, and they're crit you with 11k bolts (130 resistence?). Your STA is 22k on average gearing up, and that's half your life gone right there. One more hit by anyone, and you're gone. HL takes too long to fire; aura mastery is on a CD; and divine shield has a freaking long timer, which can also be dispelled (3x this has happened). Even with 3 talents in Concentration Aura you will be silenced, worse get sapped by some rogue.

BGs aren't 3v3 running around stuff. It's 3+ on you instead. I usually have 5 enemies trying to bring me down as I'm pelted with bolts/poisons and what not all at once, as healers are the #1 target. It does not compare to arenas at all.

Cataclysm Class Changes: Holy paladin analysis {WoW}

Apr 20th 2010 10:33AM In some ways these changes are okay. More emphasis on crits, than just stacking INT helps in variation of playstyles. Do like that FoL will have more of a role (with Beacon of all things), yet the mana cost of it displeases me (the reason today to have a FoL build is to save on mana, as FoL builds don't have 33k mana pools).

As for Holys gaining a new AoE heal (about time, as another MMO have a nice powerful one for Pallys), it's a welcome change. It's also about time a plate healer is in midst of combat: makes no sense wearing plate and standing 30 yards away, only to be the last one standing in a bad pull (notorious in PuGs) but dies anyway.

What really sucks on a PvP standpoint is the Divine Shield nerf. It's sometimes the only way to get out of a Rogue stun/poison/silence lock and escape long enough to get out of dodge. Healers now are the #1 target, and it's the first battlecry heard on the BGs, "Get the healers, first!".

The only thing really missing is in-combat rezzing. That would be a perfect reason to bring a Holy Paladin to a raid/BG to play anything but a tank healer/single target big healer. With the plate they can possibly survive to rez the tank or healer. Added benefit, it'll take a lot less development time to impliment.

By all means expand the toolbox, but don't take the uniqueness away from playing a particular healer. If I wanted to be a Shaman or a Priest I'd roll either.