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WoW Rookie: Finding your guild home for Cataclysm {WoW}

Oct 22nd 2010 7:50PM As a guild leader, I go with the angle that unless someone is obviously disfunctional, then I am happy to invite them into the guild. Advancement within the guild is related to social activity and how fun they end up being to have around, but I'm not in the business of culling people before I give them a chance.

Officers' Quarters: Guild reputation in Cataclysm {WoW}

Jun 28th 2010 9:05PM 'It's bad enough that I can't roll on upgrades' but blizzard shouldn't 'fix what ain't broke'? Sounds like a contradiction there bud.
TBH tho it's not the plate-wearers not being able to roll on cloth that gets me - it's people rolling need on anything and everything, throwing 'main over off' out the window just 'cos they can. The number of times I've lost a rare tanking drop to a ret pally or DPS DK is just obscene.

Patch 3.3.5: Changes to vote kick incoming {WoW}

Jun 4th 2010 3:20AM The problem is, people often just click 'yes' to those dialogs without thinking. I've been vote kicked from a group that actually liked me because some troublemaker was spamming vote kicks for lols (he spammed kicks for 3 other players, all got voted down, then somehow I got voted off when someone new came in - they obviously had no idea what had been going on). A guildy was in the group (who like the others had a vote to kick them for no reason) and said she clicked 'no' - she was as pissed as I was.

I swear half the players don't read the name, wouldn't recognise which other player it was if they did read the name, and probably just click anyway cos hey, a bit of drama is always good for a chuckle. Either that or 'who's that again? guess they must be being an ass if there's a vote, I'll click 'yes' to be safe'. Be honest DPS - how often do you finish an instance and know your tank's name?

Free for All: How much content does 25 dollars buy? {Massively}

May 30th 2010 4:58AM The one simple reason that these 'microtransactions' should never happen is that they allow the real world to directly encroach on what should be a fantasy world. The whole premise of these games is that they allow a certain kind of escapism that should have nothing to do with how much money you have in your pocket - all subscribers/ players should pay the same ammount and start from the same place.

Okay, so WoW is offering *cosmetic* upgrades for real world cash, no harm done right? But at what point do the games' internal dynamics start to shift? I see people riding around on sparkly horses and how can I not think 'there's someone who paid 25$ for that'. I should be thinking 'there's someone who achieved [insert something that has something to do with the game mechanics and story here]'. If the game isn't about the ingame achievement and story, then why the hell are we playing?

Cosmetic real money items gain their value from the success of the game, but at the same time they dilute and cheapen the rest of the game. If player X can look all sparkly and cool but player Y has to trudge around in boring gear for no other reason than some RL monetary investment, then the game is heading down a bad path no matter who you are.

My only experience in this area is with WoW's sparklepony, which I found quite unsettling. On its own, it's bearable, but if it's the start of a trend (and how could it not be?) then it's a tragedy. What should be a money-neutral immersive environment suddenly becomes a stage for ppl with to strut around and sparkle in front of the rest. I probably frown a little bit every time I see someone ride past on one.

I'll say it one more time: how much money you spend IRL should not have any, ANY influence on your success, appearance, speed, ANYTHING in an immersive fantasy game. Otherwise it becomes a money-spending 'game' (which I would not be proud to succeed at!) and not a 'game' game anymore.

Blizzard assures more growth to come for World of Warcraft {Massively}

May 30th 2010 4:23AM I'm reading a lot of ppl saying 'I know all these ppl that quit, therefore wow is in decline, QED'.

I have also known ppl who quit, but since the new LFG tool, the number of new-to-wow players I have met up with is astonishing. I often say to myself 'how can it be that these people don't know this instance after WoW has been out for five years?' People might be leaving, but I can tell you from experience that a boatload of new people are starting wow all the time.

People need to be aware when they are overgeneralising from narrow personal experience. All any of us can say based on the people we know/ have met, is that some people leave and some new people come.

Good on them.

Anti-Aliased: Shut up people, come buy my horse pt. 2 {Massively}

Apr 21st 2010 1:10AM The problem I have with this is that it allows 'real world' (money) to intrude on the fantasy world you're playing in. I see someone riding around on one of these and I straight away think '$25USD'. Which leads to 'they paid 25$ for a bunch of pixels?', then 'it's all just a bunch of pixels, sigh.' Immersion ruined.
When everything in the game is obtainable through ingame mechanics, immersion is maintained, you can lose yourself and have fun. As soon as you start adding stuff that involves out-of-game investment, the fantasy bubble is popped. I don't have any problem with people valuing what they are buying (I agree, the horse is cool), but for the game as a whole I see this as a poor move.