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Ready Check: Dealing with a weak healer {WoW}

Sep 2nd 2011 10:55PM There are some comments about cross-healing being good when your assigned target does not require healing. It is absolutely right, but you really need to ensure that you are doing your job before helping other healers.

For example, when my guild was working on H Magmaw, we had 3 healers assigned to heal DPS at range and the kiting tank. One particular night myself and a dpriest were having a really difficult time keeping ranged DPS up, even though the 3rd healer (an offspec resto druid) was topping the healing meter by a large margin and was being praised for it. Turned out the 3rd healer was actually healing the raid rather than the assigned targets, while myself and the priest were burning through our mana trying to keep people alive. The difference in the healing done on the assigned targets were a few hundred %, and on a particular target the difference was over 500%. He probably did not think that those ranged DPS required healing and decided to heal the raid instead, but that is only because other healers were carrying the bulk of the weight.

I think this example illustrates that when a player decides it's ok to cross-heal because assigned targets are safe, he/she is not always right. When you have a particular assignment, you need to check who your target received heals from, and ensure that you are doing the most healing on your target.

Ready Check: Dealing with a weak healer {WoW}

Sep 2nd 2011 10:09PM Sniping is an issue during a mana-intensive encounter.

For example, if you see a large incoming heal from another healer but decide to cast Swiftmend or NS+HT because it's off CD, you cause the other healer (who made a conscious decision to use the large expensive spell) to waste GCD and/or mana. If there is an incoming damage in the next few seconds and the target needs to be healed asap then you absolutely need to do this, but if that is not the case then this is sniping.

I have been in a situation where people who are almost at 100% with HoTs already ticking on them were getting healed by other healers, and those healers ran out of mana later during the final AoE damage phase. If they let HoTs heal to 100%, instead of casting their own healing spell on top of it, they would've had extra mana to spare or even use Volcanic Potion rather than Concentration/Mana potion to buff healing when it is needed the most.

Cross-healing to help other healers out is fine and is actually a good practice as long as you don't cause other healers or yourself to waste mana when mana is tight, or neglect your healing assignment.

As for sniping, if you are intentionally cutting other healer's healing spell off in a progression encounter, then I think you really need to have a good reason for that. If your raid frame does not show incoming heals or other healer's HoTs, this may lead to unintentional sniping but this is easy to fix.

I heard there are people who snipe to top the meter. I haven't met too many of those myself, but if a guild is too meter-focused it will encourage such behavior. It really comes down to the raid leader, the healing lead and the rest of the healing team to foster an environment where healers are totally focused on beating an encounter and playing to the best of their abilities, as opposed to meter padding.

The Light and How to Swing It: Healing is a zero-sum game {WoW}

Aug 29th 2011 2:42AM > I read no where in the piece that you should worry more about your meter performance than healing your assigned target. People seem to be adopting that as the point so they can argue.

The main issue being that every article that I have come across that covers the topic of maximizing overall HPS never puts enough emphasis on actually doing your job right by following the healing assignment provided etc. There's normally a sentence or two saying the meter is not everything or something similar, which is drowned by the rest of the article talking about HPS and competition.

> how can you refine your healing to improve upon the performance of the raid

The healing meter can be useful for improving performance if you extract the potion of the log that covers a heavy damage phase of an encounter and compete against yourself rather than other healers. Overall healing, on the other hand, is a lot less informative and can lead to bad practice - maybe not for paladins but definitely for resto druids.

Death reports are useful for improving performance as well - as a resto druid, I consider myself a failure if someone had been low on health for 5+ seconds before death and only WG was ticking on that person. WG would result in higher overall HPS, but if I am not casting a lower HPS single-target healing spell and someone dies as a result, clearly it's a performance issue although this may not be obvious from the healing meter.

The Light and How to Swing It: Healing is a zero-sum game {WoW}

Aug 29th 2011 1:42AM > My point about competition is that if someone is low on life, your response shouldn't be "it's someone else's job."

For resto druids, unless Swiftmend is off CD, it's better not to spot heal and just cast WG on CD and Rejuv as filler if we want to maximise our overall HPS. So if we are encouraged to compete, then this leads to "it's someone else's job (to spot-heal)".

Granted this is a paladin column, but perhaps the article did not clearly state that it does not apply to all healing classes. The article started well by stating the difference in damage dealing and healing, but then seem to emphasize meter competition which can easily be misinterpreted even if it is not the author's intention.

The Light and How to Swing It: Healing is a zero-sum game {WoW}

Aug 28th 2011 9:08PM Unfortunately, this article will encourage healers in my guild to focus on the meter even though I have been trying to encourage them to do the right thing (without much success I might add) by trying to keep people alive rather than trying to top the meter. It has been an ongoing issue in my guild. For example:

* Cho'gall/Argaloth - some healers not dispelling
* H Magmaw - a healer assigned to heal ranged DPS and adds tank ignoring assignment and healing the raid
* H Shannox - healer assigned to heal Rageface damage not sticking to assignment and healing the raid. Healers preferring to heal melee group and not going out far enough to assist with Riplimb tank
* H Rhyolith - healers not spot-healing low HP target just before stomps and casting AoE instead
* Healers not managing mana well and asking for Innervate
* Healers continuing to heal when a wipe is called

I play a resto druid but I get no pleasure when praised for pulling a big number on the meter. I'd rather be praised for healing strategies I use to keep people up, clever use of spells/CD etc. Healing throughput does matter and every healer should be aware of their maximum HPS rotation for heavy raid-wide damage phase, but focusing on overall HPS can be misleading. At the very least the logs should be divided into sections to match the damage profile of the encounter e.g. check for through put during heavy raid-wide damage phase + check for spell selection, target and timing for spot-healing phase.

Raid Rx: How to prioritize combat resurrections {WoW}

May 22nd 2011 7:22PM "I also think that the rank of druid healers need to depend a lot on your raid comp and size, at the 25 man level most druids aren't doing single target heals they LB the tank and roll hots on the raid, they have plenty of time for a rebirth"

Nope. Whether we can rez easily or not depend more on the damage profile of the encounter. For example, you should never ask a resto druid to brez during the red vial phase of H Maloriak, or when Magmatron & Electron are up during H Omnotoron. During a heavy raid damage phase, we're GCD capped and don't have time for rezzing someone.

As Matt mentioned, there have been plenty of occasions when I stopped healing to brez only to see someone else die due to lack of healing from me. When you are working on a progression boss, you should be really careful when to ask your resto druid to brez.

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