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Breakfast Topic: An alternative to tailoring {WoW}

Apr 26th 2010 10:52AM How about an item appraisal profession? All those gray drops... are they really "gray" items, or could they be an uncommon or rare item waiting to be discovered? Maybe even allow for a green drop to get an extra stat boost... really +6 STA, or does it get a +5 AGI etc. bonus after appraisal?

This could add a whole new "spin" to random grey drops too... dusty boots, end up to have a +15 fishing bonus. Some worn out gloves... a +5% riding speed increase... some of the really cool looking gray items (shirts) maybe have a 5% to income increase from selling items? Makes the market interesting for those collectors of arb things. ^^

Tools for the trade... maybe a soft brush (or various crafting brushes made from various leathers and skins) and some magnifying glass (craftable) to examine the object (probably crafted from some gems). What about cloths to polish tarnished items (from various world cloths and leathers). How about various forms of carbon dating an object... litmuses or powders that could be made from herbs etc.?

Quite a few options available here... and could have many people wanting to power-up weapons or armor (without the need for gems)... so could make other professions useful and more sought-after?