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Officers' Quarters: Mailbox roundup {WoW}

May 31st 2010 7:56PM Concerning the battered hilt I think the player who sold it is hard done by. The sheer cost of the item and what you could get with that cash mean that selling it at market value might just get you a crafted ICC 25 item. I can't see how one could be obligated to give it away. The buyer should be grateful with the discount and if they wanted it for free no one made them give the 6k away. They can farm it all day and chances are they would get it eventually. I find it astonishing that battled hilt still sells so well. they are a plethora of better weapons available quite early on in ICC and with ICC getting buffed so much most PUGs are reaching them, and if you don't raid then why do you want it?
With regard to 'ethics' of the hilt it really is a tricky one. It is most likely its been found in a cross server PUG. No one has any loyalty to each other and all could probably use the cash. An item of this value I think needs to be reflected in the rolling. It is very different from the 20g or so an abyss crystal from a DE is worth. Our guild treats BoE items like this too. We have 6 times the normal minimum bid in guild raids. Cash is a vital asset too and we treat it such.

The emailer about the abyss crystals is certainly in a tricky position. I personally would keep hold of the crystals until the guild settles down and then decide. No point returning them for someone else to help themselves as seems to have befallen some of the other assets. If the guild stabilises then return them. If not then share them with the others in the same position as you.

Cataclysm: Must find dungeons before they appear in the Dungeon Finder, attunements possible {WoW}

May 3rd 2010 4:19PM An attunement is a requirement that is needed in order to access something.
In the past attunement has usually involved doing a series of quests (karazhan for example) although some have required to own a certain item (EoE) or to reach a certain level of reputation with a given faction (TBC heroics).

Cataclysm: Must find dungeons before they appear in the Dungeon Finder, attunements possible {WoW}

May 3rd 2010 3:22PM Reading a lot of comments about the constant running of people through 5mans in order to attune in TBC and to some extent in Vanilla. This misses a fundamental change that eliminates this negative side of attunements and that is the dungeon finder.
Anyone who has used it for lower level alts knows that all vanilla 5 mans are now accessible again when in TBC if you wanted to do a vanilla 5man it would take hours or spamming. Attunements requiring 5mans will never be hard to get a group for as the game can automatically hook you up with like minded players.
When reflecting on the reintroduction of attunements it is important to look at what function they serve. For me they have 3 important functions.
1) To learn how to act in an instance and in the case of 5man heroic attunements, to learn the fights too.
2) To gain equipment to prepare your character for more challenging content.
3) To learn some of the foundamental skills required for raiding.
The reason I highlight these 3 areas is that in WOTLK I have seen the dire results that can arise when they are not met.
1) A lot of fresh 80's spam the heroic dungeon finder and are grouped up with players that massively outgear the instance. 10 minutes later the dungeon is clear from a full out zerging and disregard for fight mechanics. This is not good preparation for future content. The lack of emblems will keep overgeared players out the 5mans and atttunement quests would force new players in for the experience they need. In the case of 5 man heroics, there was nothing heroic about Wrath 5mans (patch 3.0), and from what I have read about Cata, this will change. Learning the dungeons in normal mode should hopefully be needed again.
2) Trying to walk into a Jarraxxus PUG for the weekly as a fresh 80 would be a thing of the past if you needed attunement, It makes no guarantees a run will be a success but being attuned should give you an idea of skill/preparadness.
3) Our guild often takes people who are geared in little more than emblem, FOS,POS and HOR gear and maybe the odd craftable. All these can be achieved with almost no skill and certainly without having to do anything like follow a tactic. You can survive standing in fire in a heroic 5 man, you just stand there and spam fireball in ICC you will be dead in no time. Currently its hard to tell if someone is up to it. Attunements give you an idea.
I am in favour of BoA attunements though as I only see gearing as an issue on an alt. The stricter gear check mechanisms could be more than capable of addressing this.
As to having to find a dungeon in the world before it appearing in the dungeon finder this really is a small issue one way or the other. I am in favour of it and anyone who isnt will only need to take a short while to travel the world and find them and then they won't have to worry anymore.

Cataclysm raid progression refinements {WoW}

Apr 26th 2010 5:14PM By deserve more reward I really ment something to distinguish it from 10man. Gearing up quicker is a short term reward and will last until the next patch. Earning a unique drake or pet is a lasting reward.

Cataclysm raid progression refinements {WoW}

Apr 26th 2010 4:38PM My first thought was 'I'm not raiding 10 man any more'. This came with a sense of disappointment because I love the more relaxed feel my current 10 man raiding has. This is not due to the ease of the 10man but by the fact the skill level of the 10man team is usually considerably more than the 25.
My second thought was 'maybe I will raid 10 instead of 25' I am sure I am not alone in treating 10 man as a relief from the onslaught 25man progress can be and to be stuck with one or the other is perhaps a bind.
Lots if discussion so far on the issue of the difficultly of 25/10 man raids and although the content of the 25man is harder the skill of the players needs to be matched as each player brings only 4% of a raid rather than 10%. This does allow more room for error on 25. for me 25 man does deserve more reward for the logistical problems and in a game of this sort it is kind of important. The reward does not need to be loot though, it could be titles, mounts, vanity pets etc to make a distinction from the 10man.
I will be interested to know how achievements will be brought in to this, will they be homogenized from 10 and 25 into a single strand?
Overall I look at this announcement with mixed feelings. Initially it sounds restrictive but we only know a few details and combined with other changes I think much QQ is premature. Reflecting on past changes to raiding I have seen changes I like and those that I don't, I expect this will be the same with the changes to follow as well. I still expect to enjoy raiding in Cata and am looking forward to it.

The OverAchiever: Evil achievements {WoW}

Apr 8th 2010 9:36PM I go through phases of grinding out achievements due to the monotony of many of the tasks. Below are some of the achievements that pain me and some comments on others mentioned.

Accomplished Angler: Although I have this achievement the number of grinds needed was pretty evil. Mr Pinchy took 9 hours, the rare fish took 6. The only saving grace with these grinds was the thought that it had to drop at some point. p.s. anyone going for this it can be good if you are stuck in a raid group waiting for things to start as you can't quest. Related to this, someone mentioned the capped limit of the people who could win the fishing tournament being the only achievement like this. The Gurubashi Arena Master achievement is the same, 12 drops needed and only one person can get one drop every 3 hours. This means the number of people who actually have it is likely less than those that win the tourny.

Justicar: With the success on my battlegroup of WSG I would need to spend well over 1000 hours for this. Dire.

Sinister Calling: I know a lot of people with bad RNG experiences, my worst was this. During 2008 the only part of Hallows End meta I didn't get was the Hallowed Helm. In 2009 the final day of the event and it hadn't dropped again. At last my luck changed but it could have been oh so different. Now for the rest of those masks..........

40 Exalted Reputations: This one is more 'evil' for me for the changes to rep a little while ago. 'What, I spent 168 days grinding out rep for Frostbourne and Explorers League through dailies and now you can just PUG dungeon it in a day?' These changes happened within a week of me grinding out this rep and the satisfaction from doing something I knew so few had done was totally blown away.

Needy: You get all the gear you need from 5 man's and your guild uses master loot. In order to get this achievement you must repeatedly ninja items just to try and get the magic roll. I can't think of another achievement that could so easily make you the realms most unpopular player. The 2 hour loot rule helps with this a bit but before......