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Spiritual Guidance: Pre-raid gear guide for holy and discipline priests {WoW}

Dec 26th 2010 7:45PM On 10 mans, healers must sustain around 8-10k healing trough the fight. Its usually not problem to heal so much, but having mana to heal so long. So ideally every slot should have a gear with default spirit in it. Haste is really dangerous stat - faster healing means more mana used. If you can choose, try first some spirit+crit/mastery gear. If end of fights you got spare mana, you can change some pieces to haste. Dependent how you must heal, mastery can be from really good to really crap stat, crit is more safe and prefered way way to increase troughput.

Insider Trader: The race for a realm first in professions {WoW}

Dec 6th 2010 6:41PM How ironic... having "Success" in my face about 15 minutes, i dont feel so successful anymore.

Breakfast Topic: Let's talk about fun ways to die {WoW}

Oct 4th 2010 2:15PM I love my shadowpriest. Week ago on sindagosa with 2 newbies who never been there. First try and they died in first frost aoe and we 8 manned afterwads, just to show how its made. Went well into phase 3 when things go out of rotation. On last few % on the hp, both of our healers got iceblocked, and after thatmaintank died. I whose top of aggro list so boss whose walking right to me, fade dropped arggo enough to kill a dps shaman(who ressed back) and offtank got for some seconds aggro back. Pushed my emergency divine hymn button and healed our only tank up again for 8 seconds. Popped back to shadowform and just after putted my vampiric touch to boss, tank died. I whose again top of aggro list so i runned back to stairs dotting Shadow Word: Pain and Devouring Plague and using dispersion. Tanked whole 6 seconds that boss and crossing fingers that fade comes right moment out of cooldown. That aggro drop worked and boss runned and killed everyone but me and ressed shaman. Because shaman got almost no aggro, boss turns to me again, and just before hitting me got iceblocked, boom aggro drop to shaman on other side of room. Just after shaman died there, dots taked out last bit of hp out of boss. Yelled victorious on teamspeak, im alive im alive, until iceblock slowly kills me too. All dead, noone able to ress, corpse run for loot.

PVP on Arathy Basin. Mind Control enemy spriest on lumbermill. Jump off the riff etc. Exept mind control failed and i jumped myself to my doom.

Ragefire Chasm, lvl 80 boosting some alts with gear. Shielded and aggroed whole instance. Just entering last boss boom, disconnected from server. After logging in im dead. Ok, lagspike can happen. Lets try again. Same thing, i see the last boss and boom, again disconnected. Ofcorse im dead.

Cataclysm badge and PvP point changes {WoW}

Apr 27th 2010 8:52AM I hate dailys. 1 daily= 1 boss in top raids. You dont wanna loose those emblems. If you try to keep up, you MUST do dailys. So you need to log in everyday, make daily everyday and repeat it with all alts. 3 alts make 1,5 hour minimum boring playtime. You want pvp gear too. Random battlegrounds add 1,5 hour PVP-ing more, if you are lucky. 3 hours of boredom- burnout, here i come.

Make it simple. Give "daily points". After you done daily, you remove 1 daily point. Every morning you will get 1 daily point until you got maximum 7 daily points. So one day in week, you can consume all 7 dailys and thank god you can have whole weekend off without losing any precious emblems. Its not affected with raid lockout periods, so it will be more or less evenly across whole week. With pvp same thing "pvp daily points". I dont wanna pvp-ing every day in week. I wanna choose 1-2 days when i pvp. And its not hard to implement it.