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Breakfast Topic: Have your guildies inspired you in real life? {WoW}

Nov 12th 2010 8:24AM I went into business with one of my guildies...the business didn't work out, but we're firm friends still, and still love to play together. :)

The Daily Grind: Are you ashamed of being a gamer? {Massively}

Jul 19th 2010 8:38AM I hear you there, I get ridiculed by my family frequently because I'd rather spend an evening playing my favorite MMO than sitting in a bar getting blind drunk, and probably getting into a fight or arrested for being drunk and disorderly. My social circle are largely into gaming themselves though, and colleagues at work just accept the fact that I game, play football, and have a life that doesn't revolve around hitting the bars on a friday night.

Turbine purchased by Warner Bros. Home Entertainment {Massively}

Apr 28th 2010 7:54PM I would hope that the acquisition of Turbine by the big bad corporate (WB) will actually result in some significant improvements. Sure, WB are going to look at the profitability of the games currently on the table, but let's not kid ourselves boys and girls, Turbine are in it for the money as much as the next company. WB will be looking to keep the business profitable, across all it's titles just like Turbine would be looking to do so anyway. The only difference is that you might see more marketing, an increase in content potentially for some of the more successful titles, and certainly a slew of new titles from WB/Turbine after a couple of years, when WB realise what a gold mine they've acquired (potentially). If they screw it up, then the best people from turbine will just go elsewhere, as with any other company.