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Breakfast Topic: A wipe to remember {WoW}

Dec 21st 2006 7:51PM My greatest wipe of all was when my old guild was on an MC run where we almost didn't wiped on Rag when we should have (30 ppl, not enough dps, saw the sons twice, mages where lom, ouch.)

We all wiped, MT went and we thought "right, that's it, good thing I bought lots of FR pots 'cause we could be here a while."

Anyways I was the only 1 left at the end and Rag was on less than 1% so being feral i thought "What the hell? I'll just go bear form!"

I feral charged him, got one shot off (a crit too) which hit and killed him at the same time that I died, greatest moment of my WoW history!

Server-first Shaman ring drops to a Pally {WoW}

Dec 12th 2006 6:19PM I would love to get my hands on recording of their vent when they saw that drop, roflmao!

Your guide to battleground people-watching {WoW}

Dec 12th 2006 6:14PM also @ 23, you can ignore players from other servers, just right click their name in chat and click on ignore, have fun filling up your ignore page in AV, I know I did lol!

Your guide to battleground people-watching {WoW}

Dec 12th 2006 6:06PM The "PvE hero" who has done it all in PvE, his guild has downed the four horsemen and his gear is enough to make anybody envious, except he can't PvP for nought and yells at everybody else when he dies.

He also thinks everybody should fill normal PvE roles and that the enemy will act like mobs "Why didn't you heal me?" "Let the warrior tank them!" also "wtf, a druid in cat form, you should heal!" are but a few examples.

P.S. I myself am a resto PvP druid if that makes any sense.

Circle of Healing or Circle of Terrible? {WoW}

Dec 12th 2006 5:53PM @2, lay off the druid jokes huh? Sounds like somebody got outhealed by a tree :P

For your consideration: an AB/WSG flame post form letter {WoW}

Dec 11th 2006 8:47PM This made me lol, I just got into running with premades and by far the best fun I've had (next to actually winning for a change) is fighting other org groups (esp when we win!)

We aren't a guild team or anything, just a bunch of Puggers that got sick of being omgwtfpwned by other orgs/pugs/guilds and so we set up a channel for people to organise org ABs from. All different guilds, gear and skill levels.

Premade groups don't lose much, in fact we only lost 2 last night (including meeting countless other premades and orgs) and they were to Nax guilds so all in all it felt good (they didn't 5 cap us but which was probably a change for them! Let's hear it for holding ST!)

Anybody who isn't in an org or premade, get on it! Especially when you face other premades, it's PvP the way it should be!

The E-Ho game {WoW}

Dec 11th 2006 8:25PM A large amount of males I know roll E-Ho chars to get more "phat epics" by dancing naked in MC before a death run (to avoid trash.) They never tell people that they are actually a guy IRL so that they get treated better.

Mind you, they tend to complain a large amount about people treating them as inferior because they are female (even though they aren't.) Seems like old habits die hard and chauvinism is well and truly alive in WoW.

A small price to pay for 'bonus' dkp and phat loots some may say!

We're in your docks, kidnapping your flightmaster {WoW}

Dec 10th 2006 9:22PM This is by far the most ingenious and fun thing that I have ever seen happen in WoW, props go out "Goon Squad."

The one thing I want to know is who kited him? And to kite him for that long shows dedication in the extreme, I love it.

I think the best thing for Bliz to do would have been to buy out the items themselves, just to say, "Nice one guys, you deserve this for making world PvP that much more interesting."

Of course copy-cats would just have to be dealt with by killing the flight master, but why take the recognition from the actual innovators, they earnt it.

PVP stays strong in 2.0.1 {WoW}

Dec 10th 2006 7:24PM Geez, this is responsible journalism, I can see absolutely no leaning towards horde instead of alliance!

Seriously, saying AV is biased towards alliance is utter crap, if horde actually put a little D on to slow alliance and actually took SF so that alliance can't just pelt IB and then FW they may win (may being the operative word here.)

Alliance used to get rolled in AV on my server before x-realm BGs, mind you we also won AB and WSG occasionally too. Maybe they should move the BS flag so it's not closer to horde, cause that is unbalanced as well isn't it?

New LFG system {WoW}

Dec 7th 2006 5:01PM I believe people may also be suffering with a large amount of people heading to the BGs for honor instead of doing dungeons making the pool of people LFG smaller.
Mind you, with the way BGs are going these days I don't think many people will be doing them for much longer, (okay that was an exageration but this is by far the worst patch I have ever experienced in my whole 8 odd years of MMORPGs.)

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