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Shifting Perspectives: On the matter of Moonkin Form {WoW}

Aug 26th 2011 4:30PM They should go the Treeform route, and turn it into a cooldown, rolling its current effects into the bonus for speccing into balance.

Moonkin Form: 2 minute cooldown. Call upon the power of the moon to shapeshift into Moonkin Form, instantly triggering a Solar Eclipse state. Moonkin form lasts until Solar Eclipse is cancelled or fades.

Fixes the appearance issue, allows people to sit in Moonkin form when not in combat, allows Moonkins to start a fight in Eclipse by using it before a pull, and gives an on-demand Solar Eclipse so that moonkins can start AoE at a moments notice instead of forcing you to stand around for 20s casting Starfires in a Solar Eclipse.

The Light and How to Swing It: 4 tips for upping your combat table coverage {WoW}

Jul 16th 2011 12:42AM CTC is combat table coverage. It's miss+dodge+parry+block. 102.4% is because bosses are 3 levels above us, and it's .8% per level. The idea is that by hitting 102.4% by adding those numbers together, you can move regular hits off of the combat table, hence "combat table coverage"

Elitistjerks or Maintankadin should go into the details somewhere.

The Light and How to Swing It: 4 tips for upping your combat table coverage {WoW}

Jul 15th 2011 8:24PM matticus, you basically have 4 options as a tank.

1) Threat/dmg. Widely accepted as ridiculous for now, other than Alysrazor adds.
2) Stam. I know a few tanks that go for it, but most choose not to. It's a perfectly acceptable option though. I'd ask the healers what they think before going stam personally.
3) CTC. The major benefit here is the leveling off of potential damage. It doesn't matter if you take more damage (though Theck's math says that at decent gear levels, mastery > dodge/parry for mitigation), the idea is that bumping regular hits off completely will remove spike damage, force less CDs, and give healers some breathing room.
4) Avoidance. The main issue with this is that while you will get streaks of avoidance, you will have streaks of hits too, and the threat of high damage streaks can easily mean death. It's not a hard hitting ability you can plan around, it's just the combat table doing its job. The benefit is allowing debuffs to fall, such as Shannox, or avoiding Baleroc's abilities completely.

It's never really *mastery* vs dodge/parry. It's whether you're striving for #3 or #4 that is the question. Personally, I never liked calculating CTC and blindly going with whichever item had a higher value. If you're close to the CTC cap, then the value of knocking regular hits completely off the table dramatically increases, and that is a fine strategy. If you're not though, I personally think you'd be incredibly foolish to take, say, 1.2% block over 1% dodge. Yes, it's more CTC, but it's half the mitigation.

One thing to keep in mind is that tank gearing is something you do in every slot, not just one. You should pick a strategy, and then gear towards it as best you can as a whole.

The Light and How to Swing It: 4 tips for upping your combat table coverage {WoW}

Jul 15th 2011 5:36PM You are correct, and I forgot, as I haven't been swapping to hit CTC since the patch. Way to make me :(

The Daily Quest: The Cataclysm raiding debate {WoW}

Apr 29th 2010 7:25PM Not only do you have to want to do 25 man raids, it also takes 25 people, which is something the supporters of the change seem to ignore.

Clearly this is an obvious statement, but think about it for a minute. Take your standard 25m roster. Out of the people that are on it, some will not get the expansion, some will level super slowly, some will server transfer, switch guilds, reroll a new class (and potentially be slow, suck at it, or not like it) or decide not to raid, with or without the change.

Let’s assume for a minute that by act of god, none of that happens, they all hit 85 quickly, and the guild sets off on the content. The reasons why this is not going to be sustainable for 90% of guilds is as follows:

Raiding will be more popular than ever, and it will be largely in 10m form (we’ll assume that this is by choice, rather than being forced by blizzard for the sake of this point). If you are a good player, you will have more influence in a 10m than a 25m. You will be able to find a 10m that is at least as advanced as your 25, with someone in it who is worse than you. This person probably likes the guild they are in now, and doesn’t want to leave it without a better reason than slightly faster/further progression. This paragraph describes most raiders (either they are in the top 10 players in their guild, or they think they are). And a 25m will always have people being carried. Your best players will always be better than your worst, and the gap between #1 and #25 will be more noticable with 23 people in the middle than with 8.

Leaving the argument of the fact that they could just form a 10m within the guild for later in this increasingly lengthy essay out for the moment, keep in mind that we are dealing with people. People are emotional, act rashly, and are dramatic by nature. Any time anyone is upset about anything, the cost of them jumping ship will be far lower. With 10m guilds being the norm, there will be about triple the number of groups that you can hop into, so it’s unlikely that you won’t have the chance to leave.

If someone pisses you (meaning “someone”) off, if you want faster progression, if someone took an item you wanted, you had a bad day, the main tank can’t stay online, the guild leader’s younger brother won’t stop talking about pot 24/7, you break up with your e-girlfriend, you don’t have enough people on for 1 raid so you cancel it for the night, or one of dozens of other things that can go wrong and upset someone in the guild, that person’s cost of leaving will be lower than it has ever been before in the history of this game.

But okay, let’s keep pushing our assumptions further. Ignoring the argument that even if your guild is perfectly drama free 100% of the time, most guilds won’t be, we’ll go ahead and say that no 25m guilds ever have any drama that would cause people to want to leave.

And here’s one of the biggest problems with the change. There is always natural attrition within guilds/raids. People will move, get a job, focus on school, have exams, break their computer, lose power, go on a trip, break up with their boyfriend (see, you were getting upset with me earlier because I was only talking about a hypothetical male), have a kid, change priorities, grow tired with the game, whatever. Over time, you will lose people. And these issues are more likely to affect a 25m than a 10m (or at least, be more frequent) due to having a playerbase that is almost triple the size.

With 25m having no significant benefit over 10m, and 10m being far more common while being less problematic to keep running like a well oiled machine, there is no way to fill gaps in your roster. Many guilds have issues recruiting for 25m NOW, when it’s far and away the most beneficial instance size. New people don’t care about your guildies (even if they would once given the chance). They care about if your members are tollerable (okay fine, they want to have fun), and if your raid is good. They have no strong prior committment to the guild. Not only will applications be even more scarce than they are now, but you won’t have the ability to try them out beforehand. This will lead to 25m guilds dying over time, if they did stay together at the start.

Now on the other end, let’s assume the 25m isn’t stable enough to stick together, which I would argue is far more likely than the rest of the stuff I put up there. This is where it really hurts me. Running 2 10ms is not a realistic option for most people. If you split into two equal groups, for one you wouldn’t have had the issues as a 25m guild if you’re that organized and willing to play with people worse than you, and two, the groups will automatically not be perfect. One will have stronger dps, will raid more, will have more devoted people, will happen to progress faster by luck, will have all the luck with loot, will have less of that aforementioned natural attrition, whatever. If none of that happens, if someone’s schedule changes, if someone becomes friends with someone in the other group or stops being friends with someone in their group, (again, the list of things is enormous), it will cause issues, which will either piss off the fast group when you reorganize it for equality, or piss off the slow one when you don’t. For these reasons, it’s basically either 25m or 10m, not multiple 10ms.

And this is the problem. A 10m guild will need at most 12 people on the roster. And there is no way in hell I can log in, and pick 70% of the people I’ve played with, some for over 5 years, and tell them to go do their own thing, that they didn’t make the cut, and that we’ll still talk occasionally in tells. The change from 25 to 10 is twice as bad as 40 to 25 in terms of the portion of the guild that gets cut. Expansion attrition won’t account for half of the people you’ll have to get rid of. And as we’ve been around for 5 years, we have people quit and rejoin in cycles due to RL. No more of that. There won’t be a chance to squeeze people back in later on. I am going to have to cut ties with people that I’ve been friends with for longer than some of my real life friends, and (sadly?) that I’ve spent more time with.

I could go on and on, fleshing out all the ways that this new system screws over 25m guilds, but I think I’ve gone on more than enough already in this vein.

I want to add that I understand why so many people are happy with the change. Some people don’t love their guild to pieces, so any change that lets them pick and choose more is a bonus. It’s easier to schedule around 9 other people than 24. You will be able to play with people similarly skilled to yourself. You will be able to play with people with similar personalities to yourself. PvPers won’t have to join a 25m guild and invest a ton of time to pick up the PvE items they want; they can probably band together and get it done in smaller groups. There are probably a hundred more reasons why this change is nice for some people.

But in the end, every single aspect of this change hurts 25m. Even if I over-emphasize the changes or their affect, that is a true statement. The issue isn’t that 10m will have the same loot as 25m. Loot should not be the only factor in what you run. It is that they will also share a lockout, meaning you have to choose, and given the choice between a more challenging, harder to schedule, more volalite, less likely to raid (etc etc) group, or one without all that crap (or at least less of it), there’s little reason to go for the larger version.

If they are committed to changing the face of raiding as we know it, there are ways of easing the pain/transition. Penalize you for doing both. Make it so that you can’t get badges from both in one week, make it so that less loot drops proportionally to how many people did 10m raids, whatever. Open up the discussion to the community for ideas as to how to fix the issues here as I’m just one of millions of people, and can’t be expected to solve all the problems if those ideas don’t sit well.

The worst part of the change is sitting here, knowing that in the end, I’m not going to be one of the fortunate that has 97% of their guild level quickly, stick together, never quit, and decide to keep going. Knowing that I’m going not going to see much of, again, 70% of the people I currently do, most of which have been around for 2-5 years.