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Breakfast Topic: Where's the epic, part two {WoW}

Apr 30th 2010 8:58AM As someone who has only ever done these raids on 10 man I can honestly say it doesn't feel off in size to me. I definitely can see where you are coming from, but I am thinking that maybe it only seems that way when you are going in there as 25 and then also 10?

Take Netherspite's room in Kara. That's a huge room for 10 people, but doesn't seem "off". However, if you'd been running it with a bigger group and then came in with 10 people you'd probably feel lost in there.

I do agree that WoW has lost its epicness... but I don't think its down to the size of the raids. I think its more to do with the fact that we are used to it all now. If MC was released now I don't think any of us would find it particularly epic. It was epic back in the day but wouldn't be now. Maybe we have all just become jaded?