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Shifting Perspectives: Eclipse come Cataclysm, page 2 {WoW}

Apr 30th 2010 4:40PM I might be missing something, but the idea of 121212 would defeat the point of the new Eclipse, as I'm understanding it. With each spell cast, the other discipline gains a buff, but the original discipline doesn't lose anything. If I'm spamming Wrath, I'll keep hitting right around that average damage number, constantly adding a little more buff to Arcane. Then it becomes a betting game: At what point do I unleash all this pent-up Arcane benefit to bring a hammer down on a foe. Will it be the killing blow? Will it only focus 100% aggro on me and I die? Will it proc a buff on a Cataclysm boss if I smash it with such a high level of buffed Arcane (or Nature)?

Also, the little slider must be influenced by damage dealt, not just numbers of times cast or mana spent. It'd be no fun at all to know "I cast four Wrath to move the slider two ticks and two Starfire to move the slider three ticks" or whatever. If it's damage related, it'll be a little more chaotic, unpredictable, and enjoyable if you somehow master each individual encounter to whatever end you wish to exhibit.

Perhaps the Eclipse slider gravitates toward balance? Or was that already revealed to be not true? That would make sense, keeping you from storing up a big buff in Arcane by nuking bunnies in Teldrassil so you can unleash 100% more damage on that unwitting elite elsewhere.

Do we know if the new Eclipse is going to also increase mana cost for the buffed spell? I haven't seen anything pointing to that, and it'd be a change in mechanic, but maybe that'll be another element of the spell choice decision. If you don't use a spell of the alternate school, you'll be stuck burning your mana pool in one or the other... Maybe.