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Choose My Adventure: Insert cartridge {Massively}

Mar 10th 2012 10:17PM @Windguaerd

Good lord...

You're still around, Windbag?

Ancient memories of a certain meeting with one Dave 'Diamondcut' Duster in a seedy Newland club. I was the 'respectable gentleman' leading the band of 'legitimate businessmen/women'.

Scroll of Resurrection revamp active, includes free level 80 character {WoW}

Mar 6th 2012 4:44PM Numbers pulled out of ass? Check.
Vague reference to being a janitor at outsourced 3rd party documentation editing company for Activision? Check.
Looming bankruptcy for 'ActiBlizz' implied? Check.

Wooo doggie... I think we gots us a troll here, boys.

Conducting a symphony of destruction in Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor {Joystiq}

Mar 5th 2012 1:16PM Wow... Did they really misspell CAPCOM at 2:04 in the first clip?

Mass Effect 3 isn't launching on Steam, requires Origin {Joystiq}

Jan 16th 2012 2:18PM I'll have to say that I'm definitely going to have to go with the 'extended free trial' on this one until it comes to a respectable e-tailer.

I don't know if their stance has changed on this, but EA's store used to have an exceptionally limited amount of time that you could redownload your games, and then charged you an additional fee to extend that time.

That, even if since retracted, coupled with the fact that they raised the already desecrated corpse of the venerable Origin Systems just to skullfsck it again for this abomination just completely removes any interest whatsoever I might have had for their bloated PoS.

The Daily Grind: Are you glad to see the end of the SWTOR pre-launch frenzy? {Massively}

Dec 20th 2011 10:12AM @Yellowdancer Source, please? ...or are you just parroting the mindless, moronic and inaccurate trolls without doing any research yourself? At the end of EGA there were several people in their mid-40's, but not a single soul was anywhere approaching 50 on day 2.

Stay awhile and watch Diablo 3's introductory cinematic {Joystiq}

Dec 11th 2011 5:58AM @(Unverified)

I know you're just a troll. No one that stupid could manage to breathe and type at the same time.

The 'goofy anime chick' was based directly off of a Blizzard employee.
The likeness is uncanny.
There is no exaggeration of features.

These morons who've been complaining since day 1 that there's more than 1 colour palatte being used, so the game isn't lolemogrimdark, need to seriously invest in a clue.

WoW Moviewatch: Code Monkey {WoW}

Dec 9th 2011 12:54PM JoCo is awesome. If you haven't been initiated, you really need to be. ...and there's so much more to his library than has been featured in Spiffworld.

He's even been immortalized in WoW:

The Queue: Hogwarts this ain't {WoW}

Dec 8th 2011 12:45PM Q for the Q:

Are there any sites out there aimed to the older (50-60+) crowd of WoW players? I'm considering getting my mother started as a social experience (she has a thick skin, don't worry about Trade).