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Gold Capped: 5 addons for profitable buying, selling and crafting {WoW}

Apr 19th 2011 1:57AM As far as I know, Skillet is some kind of based on ATSW, without the annoying database update after each patch Blizzard applies.
I agree that Auctioneer is too bloated for beginners. However the whole Auctioneer-suite is currently in use on my side with exception of Arbitage maybe (as I have no additional account for cross-faction selling).
Glypher - once you've got the idea of that tool - is a bless in it's niché (I hope Jewelcrafting gets something similar in the near future).
Regarding Auctioneer it is however very important to note that only the current beta supports Cataclysm (Glypher doesn't work with Curse builds and Milling/Prospecting is limited to a skill of 450).

Once awhile ProffesionBook was nifty if you bought Jewelcrafter recipes (it colored recipes you know). Nowadays Altoholic does the same thing.

One thing about Skillet: you're able to view all professions known to this tool by clicking the character's name on top of this window. I note this as I think this kind of character selector is the worst I've ever seen.

Breakfast Topic: Do you have a roleplaying or off-duty outfit? {WoW}

Apr 6th 2011 8:06AM My auction alt does have an special outfit consisting of tuxedo pants, a black silk shirt and the guild tabard. Apart from that, none other characters.

Breakfast Topic: Design yourself as a raid boss {WoW}

Apr 5th 2011 9:16AM Simple: I would be a Unholy Death Knight with appropiate raid-boss health and damage modification. But without a aggro-table (Essentialy: healers are first target, then DDs and finally Tanks).

To help the raid survive there would be some teleportation pad around the room (12, like a clock), teleporting to the pad in the opposite direction.

As "Death Grip" would be in the fight, that would be a funny battle.

Gold Capped: How much should you undercut? {WoW}

Apr 4th 2011 9:41AM Auctioneers Undercut Function is all I need the most time. I'll just wait until something is "Competition above market" or "No competition". While the later thing is usually dangerous for obscure items, I _never_ undercut.

It is just an attitude, but on our server you have usually a bracket of about a day before someone floods the AH with similar items. Personally I think there are some intelligent scripts on work which detect when something is actually selling. Thus I usually put some cut gems into the AH as soon as competition is skyrocketing and sell my stuff. I'll know that this particular gem won't be sold for at least some hours until the market stabilizes again.

Sounds weird but it seems like this on my server. During Wrath I undercutted Titansteel and believe me, that prices went down every day.
On the other heand I really love guys putting ore into AH for dumping prices. Something my jewelcrafter might chew on.

Same-faction battlegrounds to be available for testing on the PTR {WoW}

Apr 1st 2011 2:11AM I would see a big issue here: What about the same guildmates splitting up in two teams and battling against each other. This would mean a improve in BG rating equal who wins. As there are quite a few archivements tied to rated BGs this would shift the whole experience.

So: if rated BGs of the same faction then without option of the same guild members battling against each others. However I would assume that even with different guilds battling against each other this would mean they can talk to each other who should win the next battle (as rated BG rating is never lost, it can just increase).

Two Bosses Enter: Lord Godfrey vs. Scourgelord Tyrannus! {WoW}

Mar 28th 2011 10:49AM By numbers, Lord Godfrey wins (just look at those numbers of Tyrannus abilities. ;) ).
Godfrey has his ghouls. Those are no great issue for three DDs in a team, but they would be for one guy.

Tyrannus can only redirect damage (so he could strike to ghouls and redirect this damage to Godfrey)
Healing is obsolete, as Godfrey doesn't heal himself and so Tyrranus cannot gain profit from that.

Given that Rimefang cannot kill all those ghouls (who will likely not avoid this damage), it would be a close fight.
RPGwise Godfrey will keep himself in motion, stay at range of Tyrannus, curse him and cast his Bullets at range. While he is at range, Tyrannus is not that efficient and will be occupied by Godfreys ghouls.
If Tyrannus doesn't move, Rimefang has a chance to blast the ghouls or Godfrey, else Rimefang will miss both.

So in summary as Godfrey will turn this into a movement fight, Tyrannus will lose (as quite strict melee).
With his Brand on ghouls all the time, he might get some damage to Godfrey, but has he always has only one target to be reflected, he would quickly be overwhelmed by ghouls.
Additionally this ugly curse of Godfrey would amplify the barrel damage, dealing more damage (together with the ghouls) than Rimefang and Tyrannus may dish out.

The Queue: Evacuate the dance floor {WoW}

Mar 25th 2011 11:26AM About Decursive: I know Healbot does use a curse/disease/magic detection which works quite well (but has to be setup). It check if someone is suffering from a condition which the user can cure. In this case the afflicted character has a different colored bar and for example a right-click can remove this. Since Cataclysm Remove Posion and Remove Curse have been unified, per (Heal)Talent you can usually also remove a magic effect with the same spell (as for paladins and druids).
So far you can auto-decurse out of combat as far as I know. I do not know why this does not work in combat (as the detection does apparently work).

I do know that Decursive is fairly high rated on the Curse client regarding downloads, but I never used it myself, as HealBot offers all I need.

The Queue: This is the worst Queue in the world -- Rebecca Black's Friday {WoW}

Mar 15th 2011 11:14AM I was quite surprised recently that the obsidium skeleton keys my blacksmith is able to craft aren't "Blacksmith" only. It is quite funny, that these keys are "BoE". However, I traded them with my sister who needed to open some lockboxes and she was quite happy.

About the authentificator: Well that thing uses a standard battery like in watches and those are lasting approx 7 years. If you're using your ath 2500 times a day, this might shorten the battery lifetime (or that of the auth). ;)

Shifting Perspectives: Embracing the hybrid nature of feral druids {WoW}

Mar 14th 2011 5:37AM "There's still one thing that ferals can do, better than any other class/spec combination in the game, and that's play a hybrid tank/DPS build."

Well, that's not entirely true. I am playing a druid since BC (which was feral bear/cat, raid healer and moonkin during that time), a paladin and a death knight. Especially death knights are very prominent hybrids. Full fledged blood does some decent damage (not top notch, of course).
You have to use a suitable Addon which automatically changes gear between presences and fight in Unholy presence for example.

Of course, feral bear gear is more like feral DPS gear. Personally feral gear differs much with enchantments and gemming. You can go to general stats which benefit both (AGI, crit) and avoid specific stats (dodge, strength) but I think you won't get the optimum result with a generic cat/bear-equip.
The real benefit which feral is that you just have to regem/reenchant the existing gear (other classes need to maintain to different gears), therefore saving for PvE points.

The Queue: What a wreck {WoW}

Mar 9th 2011 5:27AM About the question with the Dragonblight time thing:

It is are two part quest (the last one you get with about Level 85). While your future self complains about "to get better gear" your past self at Level 85 complains about your "slacking" and whether you have ever been to "raids".
I strongly recommend both quest as they are pretty cool and not very hard to complete.

It's some sort of "blaming things you haven't done yet or you haven't done already".
This questline is one of my most favourite in Dragonblight (maybe along with Horde's "Spread the good word" in Venomspite).