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Status update on current patch 4.0.1 issues {WoW}

Oct 13th 2010 1:41PM Being just a Hallowed Helm away from this achievement, I can't really say that I'm thrilled about this news.

Status update on current patch 4.0.1 issues {WoW}

Oct 13th 2010 1:32PM Thank you for the info! That certainly clears it up for me.

Status update on current patch 4.0.1 issues {WoW}

Oct 13th 2010 1:13PM Yes. I had this same issue, but I don't know how to resolve it.

Status update on current patch 4.0.1 issues {WoW}

Oct 13th 2010 1:08PM Hmm... I'm not fully clear on this Master Riding thing.

Prior to the patch I purchased epic riding and epic flight. Both types of mounts still move quickly enough, but I can see from my skills that I'm untrained in Master Riding.

Maybe someone can clear this up for me. Is the purpose of training Master Riding simply to allow my slower mounts to move as fast as the rest?

Breakfast Topic: Gratitude for all things epic {WoW}

Oct 8th 2010 10:42AM While I continue to enjoy a fantastic life of adventure in a vast world rich with thoughtful details, there is one moment in particular that I will always remember fondly. You see, I was just starting out. I had spent most of my time running errands or collecting bits and pieces of variuos plagued creatures and whatnot. At one point, I found myself climbing up a tall structure on the western coast of Tranquillen known as Windrunner Spire. I had been asked to slay the cultists and destroy former rangers that had fallen to the scourge. That's where I discovered this interesting little necklace... I took it back to the guy who had sent me to Windrunner Spire in the first place, and he told me that the necklace belonged to some banshee queen named Sylvanas. I had no idea who she was at that time, but it was the next step in what was soon to become one of my most favorite experiences WoW has to offer.
After some kind soul explained to me how I could get there, I quickly found myself translocating directly into a macabre place dubbed Undercity. It was quite the contrast compared to the place I had come from... and not without peril! I nearly fell to my doom just getting to the city proper, and green goo oozed everywhere. Heck, even the guards there looked like that guy who stomped on my head back in Tranquillen (repeatedly). Eventually, I found the banshee queen and learned that she was actually the leader of all these forsaken souls. Upon the return of her necklace, The Lady sang her mournful lament. The haunting melody so beautifully sung sent chills up my spine, transfixing me. In those early days for me playing WoW, this was truly my most epic experience by far.

Breakfast Topic: What would you tell your level 1 self? {WoW}

Oct 1st 2010 3:25PM I wouldn't want to say a thing to level1 me. It'd simply smile and relive the nostalgia.

Breakfast Topic: Which vanity pets have captured your heart? {WoW}

Sep 29th 2010 11:34AM IThe first time that I learned that vanity pets no longer took up any bag space, I decided to try toget one.

A friend of mine had mentioned that bugs in Zangarmarsh randomly dropped a cool firefly pet, so that's where I naively started to grind.

Luckily, the random number generator smiled upon me after just 9 passes. I've been a semi-serious collector ever since.

Of course I love all my little pets, but my firefly continues to be my favorite. That's why he keeps flyin'.

Choose My Adventure: Polls for Christian Belt {WoW}

May 8th 2010 8:38AM Ya. Even though I figured that the community had their minds set on Warlock, I chose differently. It's not that I thought it would make a difference, mind you, but I like to buck the trend.
Anyway, I'm sure Mr. Belt's new warlock will be a sad, soulless thing who simply didn't have the quality of PURE AWESOMENESS that it takes to be a mage. The poor creature will lament about it constantly (the way lesser beings such as warlocks always do), and resign himself to making questionable pacts with dark, smelly entities of the nether in order to wield magic. If ya can't be a mage, don't settle for second best. Reach right down to the bottom of the barrel and become a warlock.