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Arcane Brilliance: Level 70 checklist {WoW}

May 21st 2008 10:05AM Excellent article. I was a bit stuck when I hit 70. I ground my way up to the flying mount and then didn't know where to go. I knew that I was undergeared for heroic dungeons and raids of any kind, but didn't really know how to gear up. I've now got 3/5 pieces of the Evoker's set, which is/was a heck of a lot better than my current blues and greens.

Breakfast Topic: The long run {WoW}

Mar 31st 2008 1:10PM Desolace and Dustwallow Marsh ellicited much cursing from me until I found the flight paths. In some zones like Un Goro if you die close enough to the general area where the fp is you can rez near or in the camp after dying.

I never knew there was a second flight path in Ashenvale until yesterday. Guess I didn't spend enough time there on my main.

Breakfast Topic: The long run {WoW}

Mar 31st 2008 11:17AM I missed out on the run to Kargath because I got portalled to Uldaman first... I'd highly recommend that before running it.

Your least favorite races {WoW}

Mar 11th 2008 12:30PM Try being a Undead and cannibalizing them... its just plain wrong on so many levels depending on your position though you can hide inside their corpses and grab a bite to eat on water and other food as well.

Your least favorite races {WoW}

Mar 11th 2008 12:27PM I PVP for the sole reason of killing gnomes.

Linden Lab Innovation Award winners {Second Life Insider}

Aug 28th 2007 12:28PM What an effing joke Strife as best community organizer. That just leaves me speechless.

SLCC - How to get laid {Second Life Insider}

Aug 15th 2007 9:42AM I am attending so that I can play World of Warcraft in my hotel room with Taco Rubio. hehehe

When Bloggers Call {Second Life Insider}

Jul 18th 2007 4:23PM I'm on the fence about it. I value my privacy especially when it comes to telephone calls. I usually prefer a heads up that I should be expecting a call if it is not from someone who would normally call me especially if its Second Life related.

We've received a couple of phone calls from people who I didn't not know had our home phone number and found the reason they were calling to be inappropriate once I listened to the voicemail.

On the other hand, I highly value accurate reporting so its a real Catch 22 when it comes to the question you pose about bloggers.

SLCC sets forth community standards {Second Life Insider}

Jun 28th 2007 9:48PM Thanks Kerian. In previous years, our number one "community standard" as requested by Linden Lab was the one regarding permission for photography... as some people do not want their images on the web. We never posted them on the website or forums. It was just emailed last minute to the attendees.

SLCC sets forth community standards {Second Life Insider}

Jun 28th 2007 7:49PM We've always had some loosely formulated "community standards". Most are common sense, but worth clarifying and reiterating.

I don't think it has to do with a state of panic based around any controversial people who have or who might register. We would have announced community standards at some point in time regardless. Each year is a learning experience, you learn what works, what doesn't work and areas in which you can improve the process.

That said, having community standards is not a witch hunt, if anything, it may deter some "poor impulse control" =)