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PAX East 2011: Massively interviews RIFT's Scott Hartsman, page two {Massively}

Mar 15th 2011 10:54PM @Dunraven Don't know which server you were on during Beta, but my experience is the Rift community was really no different to any other MMORPG. There were trolls, idiots, helpful folk, goofy comments and humour in general chat. The forums also represent the normal spread.

I can understand the 'more of the same' comment. *shrug* Don't expect it to introduce a ton of new systems like Secret World or Guild Wars 2 are supposed to, or AOC/CO/DCUO have.

PAX East 2011: Massively interviews RIFT's Scott Hartsman, page two {Massively}

Mar 15th 2011 10:49PM @eyeball2452 It's a fair amount of players having issues. And it doesn't seem to be tied to any particular mix of hardware/software. It will never be a majority of players, if it were the boards would be in a mess. But you can say the same thing about the hacking issues, or the gold spammers. It's a 'small' amount of people who have reported being hacked on the boards in relation to the number of people playing the game. But it is a real issue. And this is open to public comments about the game, it's pluses, minuses and everything in-between. Why shouldn't it be said?

@Keen and Graev It is like EQ in the sense of the hotbar interface, the types of quests, the fantasy setting etc. Just as World of Warcraft can be compared in that sense to EQ. They are all cut from the same cloth and have the same underpinnings. As opposed to say something like City of Heroes, or Champions Online or Vindictus which would be difficult to say "Like EQ" and leave anyone with a general impression of the game.

And Rift has grabbed me like no other MMORPG in a long time. I think it's a winner. My only reservations are based on my personal hardware issues with the title.

PAX East 2011: Massively interviews RIFT's Scott Hartsman, page two {Massively}

Mar 15th 2011 6:47PM Rift is a great game. It's the tried and true EQ style of MMORPG. The class system and public event system is where the real difference is between it and the others in the same genre and style.

One thing that needs to be looked at, though, is the game engine. It crashes on a variety of hardware and Operating systems and really puts systems under a lot of stress. Some systems temperature rise more in Rift than any other game. My own system has a lot of problems with the game, and there are feelings that it might be damaging systems because of how demanding it is.

This needs to be looked at. Players are reporting only being able to play the game stably in Alternate Render mode, which looks fairly ugly. There are 40 page threads on the Tech forums about the issue, but Trion doesn't seem to have a handle on what's happening. I love the game, but this needs to be addressed and spoken about by Trion publicly.

Did I mention that the game is a heck of a lot of fun, and perhaps the most polished MMORPG I've played...since WOW TBC ^_^

Blood Sport: A guide to PvP keybinding {WoW}

Feb 23rd 2011 2:27PM I may be alone in this, but I feel the 30+ ability Hotbar system is fundamentally flawed.

It was an old UI design that was fine 20 years ago, but in 2011 we really shouldn't still be messing around with 24 hotkeys and abilities to play these games.

Some games have countered this by freeing the user from having to turn constantly in PVP by implementing Auto-face features. Such games are Champions Online and LOTRO . Their PVP does not suffer for it, but feels a lot more fluid and focussed on character abilities rather than player mouse turn rate. CO also has less abilities in general to be used in combat, LOTRO maintains an almost overwhelming number of abilities.

Now it may be too late for WOW, but the need for articles just like this one which show clearly that one method of play is superior to the basic UI, suggests that something's very wrong.

Hardware based solutions such as Macro-able keyboards and hardware mice like the Razer Naga are further evidence that something's very wrong with our method of input.

It's a huge impediment to the average player becoming involved in PVP.

Dragon Age 2 PC DRM detailed, no disc check or install limit {Joystiq}

Feb 2nd 2011 7:25AM What about territories like the Caribbean which are not on anyone's radar as being areas where games are released?

Will 'Release Control' simply stop the game from working at all in those regions?

LGJ: Morrowind Mod Mayhem {Joystiq}

Jan 23rd 2011 2:19PM Or since the mod community seems to have a stick up its ass, Publishers will simply mandate to developers to remove all support for Mods and user created content from their games.

They cannot implement these on Consoles anyways, so to a Publisher they won't really be losing anything.

Net Loss? Consumer.

The Lawbringer: The lessons of globalization and gold farming {WoW}

Jan 23rd 2011 3:07AM Of course there are the possibilities of solutions to the gold farming problem.

Blizzard could set up servers where players could buy gold and other items. See what the response is like. I know Everquest II did this for a PVE and a PVP server, and afaik it was quite successful. It didn't stop gold adverts on those servers, but I think now the chat spam is a trickle.

Subscription Fee MMOs by their nature force players into repetitive tasks that they do not enjoy in order to advance. If people feel they have an alternative, then they'll do it. A lot of people buy gold, from the hardcore players to the casual players. From real life bankers, doctors, lawyers and other professionals to teenagers.

The topic is never fully addressed because no journalist has the freedom to approach the problem holistically.

Use of minigames for crafting, less of a grind for collecting materials (minigame again so that quantity is skill based?), more interesting combat mechanics (could you write a bot to fight in God of War? Fable III? Maybe...but it won't be as straightforward as WOW.) and several other solutions.

I feel that taking the approach that Gold Farming is Bad but we can't stop it,let's just ban players is disingenuous.

Drama Mamas: The case of the gold-selling guildie {WoW}

Jan 14th 2011 9:57PM Geez. Not even an issue.

Ignore it, the guy has several mitigating circumstances, give him a break.
No rule is absolute.

The Lawbringer: Lagpocalypse 2010-2011 {WoW}

Jan 9th 2011 8:17AM I'm all the way in Trinidad, and I have similar problems. The thing is that if Blizzard makes these sweeping changes that affects multiple ISPs in multiple countries, isn't that change very ill-advised?

ALL our ISPs aren't going to make changes, or interact with Blizzard. Smaller ISPs just aren't going to bother.

Saying that it is an ISP problem when Blizzard made alterations to their code which caused the problem is a bit disingenuous.

I think that the only reason that Blizzard can get away with this is because of their reputation and the size of the WOW player base. Another company would have lost subscribers. In the future, these changes need to be tested carefully in the wild and any benefits weighed heavily against the disruption that will be caused to the customer base.

PSA: Greg Bear's Halo: Cryptum novel out now {Joystiq}

Jan 5th 2011 3:49AM mmm...another depressing HALO story.

The games were great, a lot of fun definitely.

However the world back story and the fates of the characters in general are extremely depressing. I can't imagine reading an entire book that tracks the decline and death of a civilisation.