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Know Your Lore: The Infinite Dragonflight {WoW}

May 10th 2010 10:34PM Not having the patiance(please go along with my spelling Im really bad) to read after page one I have to assume that the comments continued along the same lines as previously. But it seems that people are side stepping a new potential possibility, What if the infinate dragon flight really are good guys? Over and over when ever hard evidence surfaces it points that the infinate dragon flight have positive intentions, defeting or weakening the burning legions attacks. Also, I draw attention to two facts. Quest in dragons blight that is fairly over looked as the objective goes but in it you find out the leader of the infinates is NOZDORMU. further more in culling of stratholme one infinate boss says that for his future crimes he has been sentanced to death, like a court system or something. Looking at this and the fact that no one has ever actually seen him in wow of any kind other than an image leads me to the following theory. Nozdormu deals with the time warp thing in war of ainchents trilogy(see i told you my spelling is bad) and since he, and I quote "had to call all versions of himself together" and remove himslef from the timeline he decides to make the world not how it should be, he is going to make it perfect. He returns and all of his flight that he contacts converts and sets out to change time so that azeroth is safe from all threats. No horde attack. No scourge attack. No horde and alliance battles. Just the original azorothians getting stronger and stronger together.