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Breakfast Topic: How much of your played time is really played? {WoW}

Jul 9th 2010 8:14AM I always log when I come home, right before dinner, to do stuff for a couple of mins.
THen dinner and dishes, wich i do not touch the computer at all. And then start to play again.
And on raid days I might start raiding a book about 20mins before invites start.

SO I easaly rack up 30mins a day that I am logged in but not even behind the computer.

The Daily Quest: Burning out {WoW}

Jun 25th 2010 4:16AM I think that burn-out happens more(is experianced more) in Raiding groups. As a Council member and MT for our 10/25 raids I feel like I have an obbligation to go through with raiding just to keep it going. I have seen a lot of guildies dropping left and right from burn-out and this does not help.

I got married last month and went on a honnymoon this was a good excuse to not play for one hole month. I came back and as my spot for raiding was taken and we had to go on alot of visits to family to catch up I slowly started raiding. The repalcement tank has come and gone in the mainwhyle and I am back as MT and RL. I raid a little less and do alot of achivement hunting and alt leveling(need to have them to 80 before cata;)).

This small break has helped to get the burn-out feeling slip off a bid but it is still there. When we do not have enough ppl on thuesday for our 10 man I can get really frustrated before we even start but a well just keep the guild and hope it survives till cata hits.

Breakfast Topic: Erasing the line between fantasy and reality {WoW}

May 11th 2010 8:57AM Getting married this Friday (14-05-2010) with the girl I met on WoW 4,5 years ago.

I have met one of the members of the current guild I am in Now asswell.