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WRUP: The sad, lonely life of Bubbleman {WoW}

Sep 9th 2011 8:36PM Whoa, Hyadain is one of the last things I expected to see here. Awesome! ♥ I just... had to comment on that alone, being the incredibly obsessed Megaman fangirl that I am. Megaman music is absolutely the best, forever, end of discussion. In fact, it is now incredibly tempting to go compile a soundtrack of all the Rockman music I own to listen to while I level alts. Because I mean seriously, even the NES music is amazing, and then you get to top it off with stuff like Electrical Communication and Code Crush! Before even touching epic remixes like Hyadain's work, Okkusenman, and Cataclysmic Crash! ;aldkfhklgdhlfkhjladkfgjdlk okay gonna stop squealing now.

Although you totally should have posted the Metal Man Hyadain remix. It's the most badass one. :D Bubble still gets a hug, though.

Anyway I just convinced a friend to get his butt back into Azeroth, and he just picked up Cata, so I'll probably be rolling Worgen with him. I'm going to make the most terrifying looking warlock I can manage. Whee!

Breakfast Topic: What prompted your class choice? {WoW}

Oct 30th 2010 3:04PM When my friends finally convinced me to try WoW, I had oodles and oodles of experience with RPGs but very little experience with MMOs. I knew that I liked ranged classes, preferred fast classes to more tank-like ones, and preferred physical damage to magic. However, I was reluctant to try a hunter (despite ALWAYS playing a ranger in Diablo and loving it) because a) they were the class with traps, which I really dislike as a mechanic and b) I also really dislike micromanagement and that's what having a pet sounded like to me. (I certainly didn't know how easy keeping pets fed and happy was at the time!) Also I wanted to make a human at first, and humans couldn't be hunters, and neither could undead, who were my choice for Horde-side.

So my first character was a human rogue, because I often enjoy the rogue type classes in standard RPGs. I hated it in WoW, unfortunately.

My second character was an undead mage. Why? Because the other MMO I'd had a lot of experience with was Phantasy Star Online, and I had played the mage class there and LOVED it at higher levels. (Later I would discover Blue Burst, and RAmarls, and fall in love all over again, but I digress.) I enjoyed it for a time, but I was simply too squishy and found it too frustrating as a newb.

My third character was a draenei shaman, because I like lightning. Aha, I thought, this is it! I get to throw lighting and fire around, turn into a wolf which is awesome, and I don't die in three seconds to everything! I loved that character! (I am actually raising another as an alt now, because I still do think the class is awesome.)

Then one of my friends came to do lowbie quests with me on his hunter. I was still :/ about hunters, so he insisted on showing off a few of the things the class could do. When he was done, I rushed off and made a hunter right away, and never looked back. What, you ask, made me suddenly so enthused about what was to become my favorite class ever, forever?

Eyes of the Beast.

Little ironic now, isn't it? XD;

Enter to win an Ethereal Soul-Trader {WoW}

Jun 2nd 2010 8:52PM Pets are shiny. :D Especially ones that give you awesome things!

Breakfast Topic: Roto-scoping is not animation {WoW}

May 12th 2010 4:43PM My favorite animation in the entire game is the wind serpent swim animation.

I've tried leveling other pets on my hunter, really I have! But I keep coming back to the wind serpent just because I love that animation so much. I actually squealed in glee the first time I wandered through some water after taming one.

I really hope I get to see that animation constantly while in Cataclysm's underwater zone. :D