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Why all race Death Knights make sense from a lore standpoint {WoW}

May 23rd 2008 12:05PM I never understood why the races should all be shoehorned into their little niche, and that "Humans" are the only ones who should be able to be all classes?

This is not D&D. This is Warcraft.

Why all race Death Knights make sense from a lore standpoint {WoW}

May 23rd 2008 12:03PM Since when do Blood Elves not feel right as rogues?
Although I don't agree, I have at least heard the argument about Gnome warriors.

Blood elves are too good to stab someone in the back? Since when? Along with the Forsaken, they are among the most evil (playable) of races on Azeroth.

Not magic enough for you? Blood Elf runts would probably be those that can't use magic very well. Where would they turn?

Why all race Death Knights make sense from a lore standpoint {WoW}

May 23rd 2008 11:59AM So your saying that because the previous generations resisted Sargeras, that EVERY SINGLE Dranei child that grew up since would be holy and good?

Are you crazy? Look at the human race. How many perfectly normal people have kids that turn out to bad people. Why should the Dranei be exempt from evolving and changing their ways.

Why all race Death Knights make sense from a lore standpoint {WoW}

May 23rd 2008 11:55AM I completely disagree. Honestly i wish there were no class/race restrictions at all. I played a little EQ2 before moving to WoW. I loved the fact that i could play any class with any race. I played a Ratman Paladin. It took extra effort, and it was "the best possible in the game" But it was nice to be close to unique. Especially when even the paladin trainers obviously did not like me. In Shadowbane I played an Elf Warrior. He was INT based, yes, a warrior who was extremely smart, and not as strong. It worked great, i honestly think I amazed a lot of people at how good that character was (INT gave you more skill points to spend).

WOW needs more options, not less. Its already full of too many carbon copy characters.

Why all race Death Knights make sense from a lore standpoint {WoW}

May 23rd 2008 11:46AM Sounds to me like your grasping at reasons.

Crossing 2 continents and an ocean. Not to hard to do, i do it daily. Tip: Don't walk, take a griffin, or have a mage for a friend.

Anyone at any time can defect for any number or reasons. Thats motivation, has has no time reference. You say yourself that anyone can be corrupted 3 sentences earlier.

As far as level 55 goes, how many new level 70 Dranei are there right now? Those all started at level 1, AFTER the crash.

Not to mention, your missing the entire point of this article. For those people that have a problem witht he lore not making sense, these things listed are just ONE way that ANY character could have become a DK. Don't like that way? Make up your own, thats the fun of role playing.

Here is a few ideas right of the top of my head:
During the violent flight/fall to Azeroth, a number of Dranei who feared the crash landing escaped. Some of the more creative engineers had parachute cloaks, others used the "never-been-tested escape hatches. Still others who had the power of magic at their disposal, simply jumped.

These Dranei landed anywhere and everywhere while their ship was falling from the sky. Some younger Dranei landed in some evil parts of the world. There are those who immediately set upon them to corrupt their minds.

So stop whining about stupid things, and enjoy the chance to have fun with it.

Know Your Lore: The Defias Brotherhood {WoW}

May 22nd 2008 1:11PM I'm surprised nobody mentioned it yet. There is a very good machinima about VanCleef. It won some awards in '06 too.

From warcraftmoveies .com:
An epic 26 minute dramatic film that recaputues the action and adventure of the first time you made your way through the dark and mysterious Deadmines - only to come face to face with the legendary Edwin VanCleef himself!

Winner: Xfire World of WarCraft Machinima Contest (2006)
*2nd Place Drama

Nominated for:
*Best Editing / Special Effects
*Best Action Scene
*Best Dialogue

Full Original Score By Jonathan Franklin

Thanks for watching all! I hope you enjoy!


One of my favorite machinima's actually.

Is it really OK for Arthas to be 10-mannable? {WoW}

May 10th 2008 8:57PM Asking if people will bother with the 25 man version of things is like asking if people "will bother" with heroic instances.

Exact same thing here. If it involves better loot, people will do it.

If it means the entire raid group dropping your trade skills to level leatherworking instead, or spending weeks trying to get the areana master trinket for your level 19 twink, people will do it.

When you are the weakest link {WoW}

May 2nd 2008 7:57PM While i love the 'idea' of a hardcore character (permadeath). This is why I dont play them on games that allow the option (Diablo II, Mythos). Like others said, it always happens right after you aggro something.

I remember in the First EQ, before any of the expansions, If you DC'd, while your char was still there, you turned into an NPC, gaining an NPC's regen/attack speeds, resists (plus gear!), etc. People would DC themselves all the time on purpose!

Activision Blizzard ditches E3 and the ESA {WoW}

May 2nd 2008 7:48PM Obviously, a lot of other people care, seeing the comments here. But, having only been to one major gaming show like this, I dont really care about E3. The only major game show ive been to is TGS, last year, and it was lame. Sure, it was neat seeing videos of the new game, metal gear, etc... But it was a 4 hour line to BUY a t-shirt from Square. And similar lines to play anything not at Microsoft's booth. (Halo 3 was about 2 weeks from being out and already in the crackdown beta). I ended up not actually playing a single game, did not buy a single thing. The best part was, being in Japan, the cosplay. But since I have not been following anime recently (Last good show I saw was Kenshin), I only recognized half of that (and half of those were Final Fantasy!). Very disappointing. Since I just moved up to Oregon, I hope PAX is as fun as I hear.