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Request Etiquette {WoW}

Jan 12th 2006 3:16PM Last night, shorly after I had created my new shaman. I was in Bloodhoof Village and I got a blind invite. I declined, the other guy asked why I declined and I told him that I dont accept random invites, he kept asking why and couldnt understand that I didnt want to group with him if he didnt have a reason to do so.

And there was a 17 troll in Mulgore asking me for money, while I was only level 7. WTF was he thinking?

Login Problems {WoW}

Jan 10th 2006 4:30PM I play on Frostmourne(oceania-pvp), at peak times the que can be up to 2 hours long.
So what I'll do is as soon as I get home from work I log in to WoW. Then go cook dinner, watch some tv etc, maybe surf the net a bit, and by then, I have been logged in and ready to play.

The long que sucks but theres nothign we can do about it at the moment.