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Breakfast Topic: Where were you on your day off? {WoW}

Jun 30th 2010 10:22AM I go and play runes of magic, although my toon is only level 12, it feeds my MMO addiction for the time that WoW is down, cause everyone knows nothing will EVER down the WoW

WoW Rookie: When Rookie Lane crosses Raider Boulevard {WoW}

May 20th 2010 9:41AM As soon i saw this article i had to see what was said, as I am a new player that recently hit 80. As soon as I hit 80 it was a complete flip in how I was treated in PUGS and Raids, versus everything else under 80. I am a DK tank, but of course since no one is doing the old school raids, I got no experience tanking raids. It was a mad dash to get my tier 9 gear and hope that my gear score was to someone's approval to let me in ANY GROUP! It hasnt been easy, and I almost quit playing altogether, because I should be able to enjoy the game I paid for, instead I fail at tanking Ony and get called a MFER and all sorts of names. Im 28 years old, I know that i should just /ignore but it isnt easy. Everyone sees an 80 and assumes that player has played since beta, lol, and it isnt entirely true! I hit 80 in 3 months, I respectively do not know ANYTHING by comparison to the players that have seen the inside of FoS for a year or more! So why is it so hard to just cut someone a little slack? There really should be a server for noobs....a server for peoples who's account just opened, so that community can succeed and fail together, but grow and learn together, and just as such, there should be a server for the elite of the elite, so that they can wax poetic about gearscore and who tanked what instance the fastest, because after all isnt that what is the most important thing? JK I dont think so.

WRUP: Waitaclysm edition {WoW}

May 14th 2010 10:26PM I am new to warcraft so yea I also will be exploring and taking in the site...I'm on bladefist and my name is Nunicus, come join me in my journies!!!