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All the World's A Stage: Getting back into RP with Cataclysm {WoW}

Dec 14th 2010 2:33PM It's not that hard, really. It's just a more advanced form of the "playing pretend" you almost certainly did as a kid.

Recipe for a fun, simple character: 1 part you, 2 parts imagination, 1 cup friendliness, 1 heaping spoonful good nature, and a dash of humility.

Seriously, though, just take an idea and run with it. So long as your character isn't a jerk or a loner, you'll find people to play with. And if you aren't trying to be Arthas's third cousin or a supar sekrit dragon or the world's greatest swordsman or anything Othar Tryggvassen might claim to be, you'll probably be pretty well respected, too (otherwise, you might get some attention from WarcraftSues or The Roleplayer's Lament...).

Re: servers - the suggestions in the post are good. I generally check the forums first, then roll up my baby and check out the OOC channel to ask the people there about the local flavor and where the hotspots are (hint: usually SWC and SMC, though the latter's often called Cybermoon for a reason...).

Here's my server-specific advice:
Moon Guard has got queues a lot, especially now that Cata's hit.
Emerald Dream seems to be having queues now too, and tbh I didn't see a lot of random RP there on my belf.
I've found RP on Venture Co Hordeside to be very, very sparse. Most people treat it like an ordinary PvP server (given my experiences on Emerald Dream, I wonder if this is just a general problem with RP-PvP servers)
Wyrmrest Accord's Horde OOC community was quite rude to me when I started asking them questions, and from spending a few hours in that channel it seemed to me they spent more time cracking lewd jokes and mocking each other (and newbies) than doing anythiing RP-related. I did however find quite a bit of random RP (and a large number of Mary Sues, but that is once again tied to the high population).
Sentinels Hordeside had a decent bit of Random RP, when I went looking for it (aka visited SMC).
Farstriders has a small but friendly Ally RP community. The Horde community is a bit larger IIRC but, as I left it a few months ago (this spring, I think?), it was very, very cliquey and fraternization between guilds was, at least in my guild (a prominent one, and notable for its good RP as well as being the good!RP police) actively discouraged. It might have gotten better since then, however.

A good idea would be to check out WarcraftSues. It'll give you an idea of what isn't a good idea. Moreover, while certain servers end up looking pretty bad because of the number of offenders originating there, you have to realize that the reason people from those servers keep showing up is because the posters live there, too (and they wouldn't stay if there was no good RP to be had). And I'm sure the posters'd be happy to have more good (not a huge thing - just don't go overboard with your epic deeds or deep tragedy and you'll be fine) RPers coming to their servers. I know I would, once I find a new home.

Oh, and for absences? Just OOC tell your new RP buddies what is going on. IC, it's a good idea to have something that can call them away (for example, maybe their mother has a chronic but non-life-threatening illness and needs frequent care, or maybe thye're in some organized military and get called out on duty - this latter one's good for leveling breaks, too). People will understand (I'm in the same boat too).

Cataclysm Beta: Worgen female models {WoW}

Sep 24th 2010 4:41PM WHAT IS THIS SHIT.

I want a gorram wolf-woman, not a rabid chihuahua that manages to simultaneously have both an hourglass figure and a potbelly. Where is my lean, fierce killing machine, Blizz? Are your concept artists contractually obliged to create bizarre sexual dimorphism in all species?

The mane is all right, and the limbs work. But the torso and the head are just awful. And that snarl... from the front, it just looks like she's smiling and she's got really bad impetigo or something.

Also, must we go the linked-appearance route? Would it be all that hard to let us customize both forms separately? *fingers crossed that this is just a temporary thing*

Encrypted Text: One rogue's beta story {WoW}

Aug 8th 2010 1:59PM Subtlety is obscene right now, at least for leveling. I'm working my way through the revamped Kalimdor on a goblin rogue right now, and with Shadowstep + Ambush I can take out almost anything I run into, with Eviscerate to clean up the particularly tough ones. I wish the BGs were up.

All the World's a Stage: Effectively roleplaying grief {WoW}

Jul 19th 2010 12:41AM I dunno. Sometimes, the histrionics do make sense. Consider a fairly young, immature character who's just lost her lover right before they were to be married. Moreover, she's told this not by a solemn messenger or a close friend but by a drunken sot who happens to let it slip in the middle of a fight with his spouse.

She's probably not going to be calm.

The key to doing it right, however, is twofold:

1) Don't piss other people off. Someone RPing a thistle deal halfway across SMC doesn't care what is happening to your character, and however upset your character is, she isn't going to be screaming at the top of her lungs. Wailing, maybe, but not yelling across an entire zone.

2) End the histrionics fairly quickly. She's going to cry herself out in a matter of minutes, and she may lose her voice. Eventually, she's just going to collapse into a heap on the floor, heaving dry sobs and possibly pounding her fists weakly against the ground. Trust me; I've been a teenage girl before, and I know there's a point at which the tears just won't come anymore. The next day, she'll wake up with a sore throat and itchy eyes and she'll still be miserable, but she's done with the hair-tearing and breast-beating. She'll be moving on into much calmer (and possibly more painful) grieving.

So sometimes, I think, it is appropriate to play a grief scene that way. But it should only happen under certain circumstances (if it is a loss of a very close loved one or possibly a loss in which the griever is in some way responsible for the death, and especially when the bereaved is very young or very high-strung) and it should only be a brief, fairly limited outpouring of emotion before the bereaved really takes in the whole of the situation.

Breakfast Topic: A little sumpin' sumpin' on the side {WoW}

Jul 17th 2010 1:14PM I live for my weekly dose of Guild Wars 2 news and previews. If ANet doesn't do something colossally stupid, that game could prove amazing.

I'm still futzing around with the original, trying to get Legendary Elite Skill Hunter before the summer's over and doing art commissions for buddies.

I'm also checking up on TOR updates every now and again. I loved KotOR, and the gameplay looks fun, but the art feels uninspired (really? the Republic soldiers wear armor that looks almost exactly like what the clones will wear several milennia later?!) and the animation is just SO off-putting.

But mostly I'm trying finish my major goals in WoW (getting my main her Nether Ray and dinging 80) before I move out.

Cataclysm Beta: Entering Deepholm {WoW}

Jul 15th 2010 6:28PM Yeah, but at least he finally trashed that old midlevel getup he useta wear.

WoW Moviewatch: Holy Pally {WoW}

Jul 15th 2010 4:15PM Agreed. The vocals are far better, and the video's much more interesting. It also clicks with the original song, which is nice.

The Guild season 4 begins {WoW}

Jul 13th 2010 3:11PM And the best internet musical in history!

The Guild season 4 begins {WoW}

Jul 13th 2010 2:11PM Haha, way to fend off the extended-maintenance blues!


O.o she killed Zaboo!

WoW Moviewatch: Nothing Lasts Forever {WoW}

Jul 13th 2010 1:48PM Haha, I hadn't found that. That's nice, very "The Devil Went Down to Georgia".

You'd think there'd be more original WoW music out there like that. I mean, consider how much Wizard Rock and Time Lord Rock there is. There's got to be something like that for WoW besides (TAFKA)L80ETC and "The Ballad of the Noob".

Or could we at least go back to the WoW-themed parodies? These straight-up music videos serve no purpose (except Spiffworld, since those actually tell stories and on occasion add to the song).