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Raid Rx: Best practices for healing heroic Chimaeron {WoW}

Mar 25th 2011 12:27PM We've had this guy on farm now for err 8 weeks or so, but he can still be annoying :)

Our setup is usually 1 rshaman, 2 hpalas, 2 rdruids and a disc (replace one rdruid with another disc if possible)
stick the palas on the tanks, and the other 4 healers on groups. the rshaman takes melee, the hpalas beacon either hunters (who are counted in melee for us) or another healer to make healing easier as they dont have to think about themselves leaving only 4 groups to heal. (one less healer = boss dies faster! :D)
For the gathering phases we use Lay on hands from the hpalas + one from the tank and one from the ret to make gathering fast and easy as healers can just start aoehealing. The order is of course predetermined. We go with 3 tanks, a DK(1) a bear(2) and a protpala(3).
tank1 starts tanking, tank2 takes over at 3-4 breaks (never taunt before a doublestrike or you die) and tank3 taunts and gets a LoH on taunt and a pain supperssion or hand of sacrifice +he pops his own CD. He keeps the boss till 3-4 stacks and tank2 taunts and keeps it till next gather where tank1 taunts and gets a LoH(+cds), keeps it till 3-4 stacks, tank2 taunts and so on. We almost never loose tanks with this method, remember for tankhealers you don't have to top the tank, just keep him above 10k and use the cheap low heal. Only time you _must_ top him is before a double strike (mentioned before, taunt before double strike and die, couse you wont be shielded/topped) For the group healing your approach is already good, if you get 3 targets to heal from a slime, 2 fast and a desperate one for the 3rd. (flash heal flash heal holy shock (daybreaked) another shock, for example) shamans are perfect for melee as they can CH, rdruids keep rejuvs on their targets and swiftmend/nourish, and priests do what you said.

try to get the transition to p2 to happen right at the end of a gather, just keep everyone hugged after his last massacre and SPAM aoe heals, make every eat their lock stone (cookie) and get your tanks to diagonally opposite sides of the room. after the current tanking tank has tanked for 3-4 sec, give him a Hand of protection. this will make the boss go to the second tank (who should be second on threat) and trek across the room for 3-4 sec. as he reaches the second tank you either HoP him too or let him die, and the boss will go back to the first tank, giving dps a full 10-15-20 sec (depending on your kiting) of uninterrupted dps where noone dies. after tanks die, you can HoP dpers, making him kite other players, spriests disperse, hunters deterrence before FD rogues evade, you name it, anything to dodge a hit.
meanwhile the priest(s) are spamming shields, have druids innervate him for more mana, and make casters gather at a spot for PW:B.
BL at the start and pray :D
Hope this helps you a bit :)

Maintenance day loot from {WoW}

May 19th 2010 7:28AM Zomg free loot! Sign me up Scotty ^^