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Encrypted Text: How to gear your rogue to be raid-ready {WoW}

May 19th 2010 5:10PM I would also STRONGLY encourage players to check out the iDPS Rogue DPS tool that is out there. Its visually MUCH stronger than Adrianna's sheet, does a better job of suggesting upgrades, AND doesn't overlook as many 'starter' items as the other sheets do. "What, my ilevel 245 neck piece wasn't even good enough to add to your spreadsheet? So now all my numbers are wrong. Thanks Adrianna, sorry I didn't use the same gear you had".

iDPS is also found on the elitist jerks forums in the same section as the other sheets. Trust me on this, its a REALLY REALLY helpful tool, and doesn't feel like 'spreadsheeting' despite giving you the same information much easier to follow and understand.