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Cataclysm: Reaching uncrittable {WoW}

Jul 2nd 2010 12:24PM Do you know why no one complains about calling the hit cap a hit cap? Because once you are capped, you get zero benefit from hit rating. That's a cap. Do you know why people complain about the defense minimum being called a defence cap? Because once you are at the minimum to be uncritable you still gain belefit from defense rating. That's a minimum.

The evolution of raid design in Cataclysm {WoW}

Jun 17th 2010 5:45PM Let's ignore the current differences in item level of drops between 10-person and 25-person raid instances since that disparity is not going to be present in Cataclysm. That leaves "the degree of drop increase", of which I must assume you mean the *number* of items that a boss drops. So if I understand you correctly, having more items drop because some members of the raid team had to perform more logistical duties is not justified because not all of the raid members shared in those duties?

It matters not *who* does the logistics. What matters is *how much* logistics need to be done. In a 25-person raid group, there will be more logistics. That's completely devoid of anything to do with raiding even. Planning a dinner party for 25 requires more logistics than a dinner party for 10. Blizzard is trying to provide an incentive for *someone* to do that extra logistics, by rewarding the *group* with more (not better) loot.

Perhaps I misunderstand your argument and you actually are saying that the "rank-and-file" raider is not entitled to those "extra" drops because they didn't put in the logistical work. Well, there's a solution to that! Raid teams are free to distribute the loot that drops as they see fit. Many choose a distribution system that they deem fair. Those system range from random number generation in various guises and pointing systems in various guises to straight up logic (read: loot council and thier ilk). The raid team can use any one of those systems and then adjust for the amount of logisitcal duties performed by each member if they feel the need to reward their members for doing that (extra DKP, a bonus to their /roll, first dibs to the raid leader, a cut of the GDKP pot, etc).

The evolution of raid design in Cataclysm {WoW}

Jun 17th 2010 5:23PM Except that myriad and plethora do not mean the same thing. A myriad is something akin to innumerable but plethora is an excess. True, in some situations they can be used intechangably, but what's interesting about words are those cases where thier subtle shades impart particular meaning. They do indeed both come from the greek, myriad from 10,000 and plethora from 'being full' as a medical condition.

Blizzard to break the AVR mod in Patch 3.3.5 {WoW}

May 20th 2010 8:05PM busuan, you are correct in many ways. People do solve problems by coming up with ingenious simpler methods for overcoming obstacles. The problem is that this is a game. One definition of a game is a system where we humans create "artificial" obstacles via rules and restrictions and then try to over come them. It's these created obstacles that create the fun when we overcome them. Soccer wouldn't be soccer if the obstacle of not using your hands was removed, and a player that found a way to creatively over come that, while ingenious, would be in a way not playing soccer anymore. AVR is similar (and DBM too in my mind though the community has seemed to accept it) in that the obstacles that are specifically created are either reduced or removed completely. I mean, taking the raid assistance mods further, (ignoring the agreements we made with Blizzard) why not have them move the character to where they should be.

Of course, like many things in life, there is a whole scale of what sort of assistance goes against the spirit of the game (created obsticles) and what sort is just a missing UI element. Thinking about DBM, I don't run it, and the Blizzard default UI tells you everything you need to know. With name plates, cast bars, boss emotes, and other visual indicators we have everything we need to succeed. For example, I used to die to void zones on KT a lot until I disabled my scrolling combat text completely (it didn't really provide any critical information) and could clearly see the zone under me. That made me realize the more I pay attention to the game and the less I play attention to ten other things that supposedly make things easier, the better I do.