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Patch 3.3 PTR: Meeting Stones for all {WoW}

Nov 4th 2009 4:53AM having multiple locks, they will never run out of style when it comes to summoning.

cos while you have summoning stones, there are some places which still need a lock to summon. cos a lock can summon anywhere, anylevel.

ever try to move a summoning stone?

one simple example. you are in an instance and someone bails. what do you do? if you have a lock, you just grab 1 more pax and summoning him right where you are and continue. if you dont you gotta run out to the stone.

AddOn Spotlight: Altoholic {WoW}

Nov 4th 2009 4:42AM i need altoholic version which can handle multiple accounts for the same realm. i have 20 characters on a single realm and i want to be able to know who has what at any point in time. it would be nice if the alt info is saved to server so that when i log in an account on another computer, it will be able to pick up the most current info from both accounts.

Breakfast Topic: Once more through the breach {WoW}

Oct 22nd 2009 3:11AM havent got sick of anything wow yet. have 80s doing raid occasionally, and H dungeons, while levelling tons of alts from 0- 80. currently running 2 L37s through arathi highlands. thought i would be bored of halloween and brewfest, but i had a blast of a time, getting the simple achievements anyone with a second to spare can do. and picking up L80 gear for my 75+ toons from the holiday boss quest. i even parked my 73 lock in SM GY to make it easier for me. gonna level my 2 x 77s via the candy path, instead of boring grind in sholazzar basin.

Encrypted Text: Leveling a new rogue, character creation {WoW}

Oct 14th 2009 10:57PM my rogue is now L76 with cold weather flying and BoA stuff (using cloth spellcaster shoulders from my 80 mage just for the 10% xp bonus. Minus chest, too lazy to do Argent Tourney on my main). got the whole 78 blue BOE leather gear made and ready for him to turn 78. also got 2x 77 blue daggers and 2 x 78 blue maces made for him by my other alts. so if i could only find some time to level him, he should be able to breeze thru to 80. at 80, he would already have some gear in his bank, from the recent brewfest (2 x tankards and various trinkets) and my alt LW can probably make him a few starter epics.

Breakfast Topic: Back to where you once belonged {WoW}

Oct 14th 2009 10:50PM been holy priest at start of 80 doing guild and casual raids. dual spec as soon as i can to dps as shadow priest. levelled tons of alts to 70+. finally got a hunter to 80 but no raid slot as there are better geared hunters. so levelled a mage to 80 just in the middle of brewfest and now getting starter epics for him. still using the priest on and off for raids if i get an invite. if not, i run H dungeon for mage starter epics. have already got some epics via brewfest, exalted rep and emblems, as well as some purple gear off H instances. now if i can get a full naxx run under my belt, i should be ready to go ulduar on my mage.

Patch 3.3 PTR: Disenchant as a loot option {WoW}

Oct 8th 2009 5:36AM this is a very bad idea. once again, wow has outsmarted itself. then again, it was never too smart, was it? after all, blink was not fixed properly after all this time, and the latest boo boo with flying trainers without mount vendors just goes to show...

ok why is this bad? because it is going to make enchanting so much easier than jewelcrafting. i can see VH become the #1 instance of choice: run in, flatten the bosses, out. reset instance. rinse and repeat. no ganking there. in non-pvp realms, any instance that can be quickly farmed will be farmed.

dont need to fly around and look for mines or herbs. just get a group together, and go farm until full. this is going to so mess up current AH and gold economy.

of course, actually, this can already be done. u just need a enchanter to run in your group. this is just going to make it fair to everyone.

the difference is this, while it was unfair, it was also tough to make it as an enchanter. now that is is fair, other professions just seem so much tougher. so maybe they will start to put titanium veins in H instances? that way JCs and miners will have a better deal too?
maybe some clouds for engineers too. clouds in an instance could be possible. UP has some open areas. GD has pools. hell, maybe an ugly fat boss can fart gas that is farmable too. i want to see more prof loot!


Patch 3.3: Emblems of Triumph to be the new base emblems {WoW}

Oct 7th 2009 11:00PM the new system works for all. wow has done a good balancing act.

you want the majority happy? give them epics

you want the elite happy, give them new raid instances

you want the pvpers happy, give them arena rated gear

so who is unhappy? people who are still using the old value system in wow. get over it.

i am totally unimpressed by people who are geared in epics, unless i know they got them the hard way - ie. the groups that cleared the bosses b4 they were nerfed, before someone wrote a how-to guide to beat that boss, they paid their dues.

Shifting Perspectives: Leveling 51-60 {WoW}

Sep 9th 2009 11:37PM NO POINT BEING A COOL ALL-IN-ONE CLASS and you cant melee with weapons. i have 2 druids 80 (feral/resto) and 74 (resto) and i have always played them anyway i like when soloing. i level all the wpn skills. when i run out of mana, i switch to bear or cat form and continue. a druid is a non-stop killing machine. so what if its slower in normal form? its still damn fun.

WoW Rookie: The inner workings of instances {WoW}

Jul 15th 2009 9:55PM don't forget. when wow decides to reboot servers (maintenance) and you are in the middle of a normal instance, it totally resets. there is no option to return to where your group was last.

Breakfast Topic: What keeps you hanging on? {WoW}

Jun 24th 2009 2:40AM i have a main, but that is just for casual raiding.

i spend the majoring of my time playing alts, cos i like to see how each talent/class does the same quests/instances differently. my tank and healer alts spend more time in instances, as they are in great demand. so i prefer to level my dps alts unless i cant find an instance for them, which then requires me to log tank or heals alts. because of this flexibility (due to the prohibitive cost of dual spec), all my alts are within a few levels of each other. highest alt is 77, lowest is 72, and i have at least 1 of each class, usually 2 since i have 2 ac. thus they mutually benefit each other on gear drops that the other alts can pick up, and the professions that each has. for example, my bs alt can make tanking or dps plate gear for the other alts. so that's a nice side benefit. and the other day, i got my LW alt L77 feral druid to make a nicer cloak for my alt prot warrior L73.