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Breakfast Topic: Cross-character consistency {WoW}

Jun 8th 2009 12:31AM the times, they are a-changing.

first, i am alliance on firetree (PVP server). with 2 accounts. so that's like 7 x 2 toons at L70 or higher.

before BC, all my toons would run all the instances on their way to 60. or that was the way i would have liked it to be. unfortunately, i only started wow 1 yr before bc came out, so that never happened. no L60 40-man raids for me. not even the 20-man ones. i only managed to get 1 toon to 60 just in time for bc. the rest were way behind.

when BC came, of course i levelled my main first to 70. so the main toon got to run some basic 10-man raids like kara and ZA (partial) with my small guild. then the rest of my alts skipped the L60 instances and just went on to outlands at L58. but they usually did the standard instances like deadmines, stocks, gnomer, SM (crappy long run, as back then, no mounts at L30), ulda, ZF, mara (boy, it was hard trying to get a group to go for this one!), ST, BRD. so most of them would have the hydrocane (from gnomer) if they can equip it, and the ZF mallet and the mara scepter, and carrot on a stick. thanks to the increased levelling speed, i got all my alts past L60. however, i only got 1 alt to 70 before xpac2 came out. with not much time left to gear the alt for raids, so that alt only went on a few of the last raids.

with northrend, again, main went first, and started to raid 10-mans, and some pug 25-mans. i got the rest of my alts to 70, thanks to the increase in xp for outland, and right now, i have a 77 hunter alt. the rest are 75-72. the main thing about outlands is doing the underbog quests so that they get the free food/water item which helps them during their stay in outlands. once they go to northrend, its pretty much useless, like that carrot on a stick thing.

in terms of professions, all my alts work. all prof are covered, but not all profs are maxed out. the rest do gathering. however, their profs level are appropriate to their level, so they can make their own stuff as well as provide for the others around their level. my rogues can lockpick at their level. which is just below the current max locked boxes. sucks. haha. i better level at least 1 of my rogues faster.

right now, i am playing alliance alts on another server, occasionally playing with my main/alts on firetree. why work so hard now to level alts when experience in northrend will be increased by the time the next xpac comes round, right?

thanks to DKs, levelling alts from 0 isnt so tough now. your DK can farm mats and provide gold for your baby alt. so i've already got 4 toons which are not DKs up: 46 SP, 46 retri pally, 33 rogue, 31 hunter.

names? each toon should have a name that suits their character, dont you think?

Choose my Adventure: Turpen dings 15, awaits guidance {WoW}

May 28th 2009 12:26AM Westfall is next cos you have the Defias chain leading to Deadmines. then you might as well hang around Stormwind and do the human based quests in Red Ridge, followed by Duskwood, and somewhere around 23-25 you would complete your Stockades run.

at the end of it, you should be around 30. or just under. complete Gnomeregan by going back to IF, then you are off to the Wetlands so that you can kill some murlocs/raptors for those clams that will level your cooking.

having just done this seq. within the past 3 months with 3 ally alts (43 SP, 43 retri pally, 30 combat rogue) and now levelling a 16 BM hunter, i can safely say this is a concentrated and yet fun route.

of course, for all the low level instance runs, i have been using a 59 DK to run the alts through, cos its pretty hard to find instance runs at low levels. so it helps to have 2 a/c. alternatively, get a friend login to a high level toon to help ya with the instances. quests, even those for 2 or group of 3, can usually be soloed with help of a pot, CDs or buff.

Trying something different {WoW}

Apr 3rd 2009 4:49AM dunno why people are stopping or getting bored. got an 80 SP, but i never have enough of WOW. i still am levelling my combat rogue, fire mage, frost mage, BM hunter, survival hunter, prot pally, retri pally, blood DK, unholy DK, holy priest, resto druid, feral druid, enhance shammy, prot warrior in various parts of northrend.

Breakfast Topic: Is 68 too low for Northrend? {WoW}

Jan 26th 2009 8:11AM i guess if you like to plow thru stuff, then nrend isnt that easy. but since i am more quest minded and usually kill one at a time, there wasnt much difference

Breakfast topic: Of Newbies and n00bs {WoW}

Jan 22nd 2009 8:06PM you're a noob if you dont know the stats for your class, the talents for your preferred specialization, and the mods you need. but if you never run instances or raids, you're ok. no one will know/care.

The disaster of patch 3.0.8 {WoW}

Jan 21st 2009 8:34PM id rather they fix a few bugs at a time, than put up new content. cos new content bugs just make the system more and more unstable.

if i bought a movie dvd and there is a scratch on it and it keeps skipping over an important scene, id get my money refunded if the dvd cannot be replaced.

so id rather blizz go fix the bugs rather than give me more add-on features if its a one or the other situation, as this patch 308 seems to be.

The ultimate Sartharion strat guide {WoW}

Jan 18th 2009 9:08PM this is what happens when you play the hello kitty version of WOTLK

Breakfast Topic: What's in a name? {WoW}

Jan 13th 2009 9:14PM i do try and put some thought into names but i wont check them up on the internet. if it sucks someone will tell me, im sure /grin

flymetodamoo - tauren druid (some day this toon will fly)
noice - frost mage (was previously fire. so try not to name a toon by spec. things change)

Breakfast Topic: Achievement envy {WoW}

Oct 19th 2008 11:33PM i guess achievements is a new fad. once you start you will find it hard to stop.. cos you are already bored with questing/grinding. but sometime soon the fad will fad-e.

for me, i cant be bothered with achievements, but i do appreciate it for helping me keep track of the hallow's end candy quest which pays in GOLD and XP (if you are not 70 yet). the rest dont matter. it lists the places you have to hit. and with my alt mage at 66, it gives good xp just to run around generally safe places in azeroth even on a PVP realm

60-70 XP changes coming in 3.0.2 {WoW}

Sep 4th 2008 10:09PM yippee! since i have 13 toons, 4 at 70, the rest 60+, this is good news!