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Ready Check: AVR is dead -- what did we learn? {WoW}

May 28th 2010 9:35PM In all honesty, i can see why blizzard have made this mod "broken".. but if anything, it should also highlight that there are problems with the game design at its core. If a player needs a mod to show him if he's far away enough, then blizzard havent done their job correctly providing a hint or aura to show you're safe.

as the article says, its silly to have mechanics based on range without a tool to provide a confirmation.

Personally, our guild has used it as a white board pre-pull to show which direction or spot to goto, even marking the floor etc. Once the fight is learnt by the raid members, there is no need to draw it up again.

I've been raiding since Vanilla, and i've always wanted a white board for planning. my original guild was even thinking of using a free online conference room in a web page before the raid to go over strats, not unlike your typical sports channel.

Give us a tool blizz to do something like this, and get RID of DBM and AVR by providing the correct mechanisms to wipe because of a failed mechanic, not because of a failed call on vent or lag.