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Patch 4.1 PTR: New hydra pet available for hunters {WoW}

Feb 25th 2011 2:42AM I got the one ur talking about, and an ooze from the same quest. The game thinks they are crocs but they have hydra/ooze models. And i can also say that blizz fixed that bug, so if you dont have one, you cant get the ooze/ ghost hydralisk model crocs

Patch 4.1 PTR: New hydra pet available for hunters {WoW}

Feb 25th 2011 2:39AM I already got one and im MM :3

Patch 4.1 PTR: New hydra pet available for hunters {WoW}

Feb 25th 2011 2:38AM I tamed a bugged hydra modeled mob (the game thinks its a croc) back in WOTLK from an oracle quest. The thing was huge to begin with but it shrunk right down to a be slightly smaller then my troll. They will shrink. trust me

Breakfast Topic: Your biggest regrets from the Wrath era {WoW}

Dec 5th 2010 3:34AM I regret not being able to snap photos of Cairne and the old world before the shattering. So many memories over the last 6 years, and no chance to capture them. :(

Ah well, i can always revisit Cairnes epicness in Warcraft 3.

Breakfast Topic: What's your most memorable moment of amazement? {WoW}

Oct 21st 2010 2:40PM There were many times i was in a state of awe.

Having played W3, my first charector was a Night elf druid (because thats the race i played the most) having found the edge of teldrisil i promptly jumped off it by accident. Turning around and just seeing how massive it was made my jaw drop.

Second would be finishing the fallen hero of the horde quest chain. That battle atop the mountain there was epic to say the least.

And the last time would be the best would be steping through the portal to outland for the first time was a holy (insert adjective here) moment.

Know Your Lore, Tin Foil Hat Edition: The final boss of Cataclysm, page 2 {WoW}

Sep 26th 2010 8:34PM "ah yes, 'old gods', the ancient race of sentient chaos bringers, believed to be waiting down under the ground; bah, we have dismissed that claim."

Lichborne: Demystifying Death Grip {WoW}

Jun 15th 2010 3:12PM As a main dps dk my self, i have to agree that there is a time and place for all death grips. I personally once hit it during festergut(because its right beside my it/ps, on my action bar) and almost wiped us. All to often i saw new dk's at the beging of lk pulling mobs because they could use death grip.

Enter to win an Ethereal Soul-Trader {WoW}

Jun 2nd 2010 3:04PM wtb the shpere, 20k gold :P

Breakfast Topic: Fear ... so exhilarating {WoW}

May 29th 2010 7:53PM Shadowmoon valley. First time attempted to go to the village, going through all those deamons, i was scarred silly. Place reminds me of mordo from LOTR