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Officers' Quarters: Mailbox roundup {WoW}

Jun 1st 2010 2:59PM Well I was the one to get the Battered Hilt in a PUG during my daily random for Frost badges. No guildies was in the group at all. I was on my Pali Healer so its a fast Que time ;) I did announce it in vent and a guildie Officer told me I should sell it since I had better weapon on my DK DPS toon. From there the guild member that had been in guild since the begining almost pmed me on my main asking to buy it. He stayed out of the chat in vent/guild chat ingame when they were bashing me for selling it to him. He has a crappy ISP connect so he doesn't raid and that was the guilds reason for bashing me on it because he wasn't able to raid so I could have given it him for free since I get ICC 10 man loot.

I have since quit playing WoW for a break and have been kick from the guild from what a friend tells me. To them giving equipment for free is a mandatory thing and is frowned upon selling anything at all to a guild. Enchants, Flasks, Weapons, Armor, or anything is given for free not ever sold. I learned that but I have played several MMO's and have never ran into a guild/clan like that before, so that is something completely diffrent from me. These are all 22+ year old players also not some kiddie crying because he didn't get it for free and didn't have to work for it that I would expect from that type of responce from them.