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Would removing legendaries be a benefit for the World of Warcraft? {WoW}

Jan 27th 2012 8:12PM Maybe legendaries could be made guild-bound? And only one person in the guild is allowed to equip it at a time. This means everybody in the guild gets to use it, resolves balance issues of too many people having, and provides a strong reason for guilds to stay together, and to get people to join guilds, which seems to be what Blizzard really, really wants.

Good idea? Bad idea? Stupid idea that I should be ashamed of?

Summer 2012 Blizzard Entertainment internships {WoW}

Nov 22nd 2011 8:06PM You'll need to find your own. On one hand, it is a paid internship, so you should be able to pay for housing. On the other hand, Irvine is kinda pricey. You may need to commute from somewhere cheaper.

Is it time to kill pure DPS? {WoW}

Sep 2nd 2011 10:59PM @ Mahone & loop_not_defined: The issue is this: Raid guilds are communistic societies. The good of the guild (namely, progression) comes before the desires of individual players (prefered classes, specs, playstyles). Already in guilds it's not uncommon for officers to demand players switch to more optimal specs, particularly if the spec the player is currently playing is viewed as being under-performing with the latest round of patches. Tanks, and to a lesser extent, healers are scarce, and valuable. If the guild's two main healers are absent and you're a shadow priest and present and available, guess which spec you're switching to tonight? Making it so ALL classes CAN tank or heal means that all classes will be EXPECTED to tank or heal. This isn't a win-win situation where the players who wanted to tank/heal on their otherwise pure DPS class get what they want and those who don't don't have to care, this is a win-lose situation where those who want it will be elated and those who don't will have to contend with being called upon to fulfill a role they don't want to fill simply because they CAN.

Is it time to kill pure DPS? {WoW}

Sep 2nd 2011 7:22PM Simply put? No. And here's why:

I don't want to heal. I don't want to tank. I've tried them, they're stressful, I play this game to relax. If you GIVE a class the ability to tank, or heal, any guild that raids will expect that class to heal and tank. It's bad enough that DPS classes have to deal with the constant annoyance of having their preferred specs fall in and out of favor ('lulz, you're fire/arc? spec arc/fire or we'll kick you, foo'). The only reason other classes MUST be dps in addition to their primary roles is because in WoW you must be able to kill mobs to gain experience and level. No kill, no experience, no level. If priests could get experience from healing, or paladins from taking damage, they wouldn't need their DPS specs

BlizzCon 2011 Announced: October 21 and 22 {WoW}

Feb 7th 2011 2:50PM If you need to ask, you don't qualify.

Gold Capped: Why deep undercutting on the auction house works {WoW}

Dec 2nd 2010 8:40PM Why even bother undercutting? Just post glyphs at a reasonable markup from their production cost (or vendor price, whichever is hiegher). It doesn't matter if someone else undercuts you by a copper or a silver, as long as you're relatively close to the production cost anyway your glyphs are eventualy going to sell.

The Queue: Theme song {WoW}

Nov 9th 2010 12:35AM @ Bloodfyr & Sae: I understand that it's not effective, but best intentions do not always lead to practical results. What it feels like may have occured is, they planned to implement this, suddenly realized the loophole you mentioned, thought about closing it (how I don't know, maybe if too many people drop group the instance kicks the remainder?), then realized they couldn't do it in a way that wouldn't penalize players dealing with things like DCs and switching out alts, so they took the halfway route and implemented a flimsy but annoying barrier. Just a guess on my part though.

The Queue: Theme song {WoW}

Nov 8th 2010 12:47PM Because they don't want you too? I imagine they realized there was serious potential for people to just farm old raids for gold at 85. Also, I believe part of their philosophy with rare drops, like mounts, is that they're supposed to be rare, and for the lucky few who roll for them in normal raids, not for those who hit level cap and are in end-game tier who have the time to faceroll-farm old raids.

Know Your Lore: The Third War, part 2 {WoW}

Nov 3rd 2010 10:38PM It's indicated that Arcane energy comes from the Twisting Nether, as does Fel. Both are corrupting, though Fel is more so, because it's been pulled through the strainer of demon blood. Demons are creatures of the Twisting Nether, so they can innately sense the use and presence of Arcane energy, and are drawn to it.

BlizzCon 2010: Man breaks leg in dance contest {WoW}

Oct 25th 2010 1:25AM Oh dear, I saw that. Pity. But, like the male Troll and Dwarf dances, the male Undead dance is physicaly demanding, and not something I think that you should be trying unless you're in really good shape.