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Breakfast Topic: Unfinished business {WoW}

Dec 12th 2006 8:48AM Hmm.. Unfinished business, eh? I can't say that I have a whole great deal of it. There's a hunter I'd like to get to 60, currently sitting @ 44. I'd like to get my Warlock to 60, too. I don't think that's happening though, but if the hunter makes 60, it won't keep me from trying.

Anything beyond that is just stuff that I'd like to do. I'd like to drop Twin Emps and C'thun. I'd like to finish off my AQ20 set.

Oh, and then there's the thing I said I'd do ages ago, and still haven't: I want to finish every quest currently in the game on my Shaman.

Dear Blizz: Here's how to fix LFG {WoW}

Dec 12th 2006 8:41AM As with one of the previous posters, I'm also going to take your commentary as worthless criticism. Limiting by spec is worthless, and if you really don't want a particular spec, then ask them once they're in your group. If you're that big of an ass about it, then you can most certainly throw them out once you find out that shaman is enhancement when you wanted resto or that priest is shadow when you wanted Disc/Holy. However, that was one of the greatest downfalls of FFXI, and I'd hate to see it come to WoW.

As to your gripe with Auto-Join, it's been said. Don't like it? Don't use it. There's plenty of folks out there, myself included, who want a system that they can set up and simply forget about. I used the tool extensively on the PTRs, and loved it. I wound up with several groups, which while varying in effectiveness, were all more than capable of handling whatever we happened to be going after. Most of the issues were due to the player behind the character, not the character.

As to the rest of it, it's no different than the hordes of trolls and QQers on the forums. It's a mishmash of half-hearted bunk that, while applicable in some sense, is just that. It's a bunch of excuses as to why you're not using the tool. It's there, it's functional, and it does work. As Nethaera has stated, numerous times on the forums, it's like any tool. It will only work if it gets used, and people like you not using it are the issue. Not the tool itself.

PTRs online... well, sorta. {WoW}

Nov 14th 2006 1:23PM Well, I'll let it be known that I'm way ahead of most people at this point. I found out that they were starting to spin up the PTRs last night at around 2330 Central, and started the download.. only to have it barf when there wasn't enough space on my drive. I cleared that up, had to re dl it, and still have it done.

Oh, and character copy? I did that last night at midnight, so hopefully it will take. The screens did say that it was for the 2.01 PTR. *fingers crossed, knocking on wood*

Oh, and @3: This has nothing to do with the expansion. Blizzard is pushing a pre-expansion patch, which appears to be 2.01, that will encompass nearly all, or possibly all the content which has been associated with the expansion that has nothing to do with Outland. This includes the new talents, spells under 60, hunter mechanics, and so on.

Breakfast Topic: How Much Do You Tip? {WoW}

Nov 14th 2006 8:22AM Depending on what it is, I've tipped anywhere from 50s up to 5-10g. However, of late, I find that all I'm really getting done are higher level craft combines, and in those cases, I'll let the crafter keep the extra mats. The exception to that being enchanting, since I have a hard enough time coming by mats to get that type of stuff done as it is.

Breakfast Topic: Two Years In {WoW}

Nov 1st 2006 11:26AM "The community is too diluted and that is why I am not compelled to play it as I once was. But it shall forever rank in my all-time hall of fame of games that marked where I was and what I was doing for a few years of my life."

I disagree with this wholeheartedly. Simply because the community is outrageously large doesn't make it any less personal. I've played EQ, FFXI and DAoC before WoW, and find WoW to be just as personal as any of those were. Server size is roughly comparable to how it was in FFXI at it's peak. I think your issue may be with your association, or perhaps even lack thereof. I run with an outstanding guild, with a core of 40-50 players, maybe a few more than that. Apart from them, I associate mainly with folks I've met in game and gotten to know, and people I know IRL. So, the issue isn't WoW, it's your playstyle.

As to myself, I started playing in beta shortly after hunters went into the game. Yea, back when you couldn't tame pets. I look back at it then, and now, and I'm nothing but impressed with the amount of progress that Blizz has made with the game. I look at everything coming up in the expansion, and am nothing but amazed. Along the way, I've rolled and deleted a few characters on PvP realms, taken a Shaman to 60, cleared MC, BWL, AQ20, and part of AQ40. I've taken a Rogue to 60, ranked up in PvP when I get bored with everything else. I've solo farmed alch recipes in UBRS, tested my skills of stealth and evasion picking the pockets of Ogres in Eldre'Thelas (I refuse to acknowledge it as Dire Maul). My pair of hunters are into their 40s. The Nelf has found a steadfast companion in a Broken Toothed cat, the Troll a Worg with a slight drool issue. I've travled Azeroth north to south and east to west, with stops in all places in between.

All in all, the journey has been wonderful, and I'm definitely looking to more of the same and even better in The Outlands.

Breakfast Topic: How Do You Choose a Guild? {WoW}

Oct 30th 2006 11:36AM I've had several guild over the course of playing WoW for the almost 2 years it's been out. I've joined some guilds by them finding me. Others I've joined after a mostly inguild run of . Recently, I've started running with Wraithsteel Legion, Azjol-Nerub H. They're very much a casual guild, but one that thoroughly enjoys running instances. Occasionally we'll have a tard night, and just about anyone that's on will raid up for a night of tardedness. This can be anything from rolling every alliance flight master on a continent, to ganking every leader in stormwind. Camping the WSG exit in Ashenvale is a good time, too.

So, if any of you crazy folks actually read this:

We are Wraithsteel, the Legion of the Night. In darkness we arrive, and by darkness we depart. All fall before the Legion!

Soloing in World of Warcraft {WoW}

Oct 27th 2006 4:30PM @Kaziel: I'm most certainly thrilled that blizz is both getting rid of the need for mods such as decursive and benecast, in addition to making them entirely unusable. Currently, there's a few bosses in the game that require you to do one of two things:

1. Build groups with characters in each to decurse anything that they could possibly get in an encounter. I'm not certain that's possible for bosses like Chromaggus, who is quite possibly the most annoying encounter currently in the game.

2. Spread your debuff removers throughout the raid, and have them watch a list of folks who need to be cleansed.. and then manually cleanse them. That essentially means you'll spend the entire fight decursing. Pretty retarded that it's necesarry, IMO.

So, in response, people created mods to take out the monotony. It appears to me from looking at the video coming from TBC in the handful of instances that I've seen that this has been addressed, and that cleansing isn't nearly as bad as it's been in the past.

@Mordicieus: I see it the exact same, but for different reasons. If you want to have a good shot at clearing BWL, you'll need T1. For most of AQ40, you'll want T2 or other gear out of BWL. It's simply how the game is structured. With that said, wanting to gear out isn't the issue. Real epeen wavers are the folks who go on and on about their world first kills, and rave on and on about how the 25 man raid cap is going to destroy their guild. Those are the folks to rant at regarding epeens.

The entire point of any MMO is character progression. Ultimately, without putting a cap on progression, this will come down to gear. City of Heroes is a good example of a game with a progression cap, btw. Eventually, you're max level, and that's it.

With WoW, you cap out, raid to progress your gear, to kill more bosses to get more gear to kill more bosses. And you know what? I'm fine with that. I love spending time with my guild, regardless of what we're doing, beit farming Nefarian or wiping on Huhuran because we're working out when we really should be turning on all the heat to nuke her down from 30%. That's what WoW is all about to me, and I'm sure it's the same for most of the folks posting here.

Breakfast Topic: Your First Class {WoW}

Oct 27th 2006 4:18PM First character was in closed beta, a Nelf Hunter, right after pet abilities went in. Shortly thereafter, I rolled an Orc Shaman and rolled him up to mid 20s along with the hunter.

At launch, I rolled another Nelf Hunter and another Orc Shaman. I played the hunter to around 24, got tired of not having any of my friends who also played to yack at, and picked up the shaman. He got to 60, raided MC all the way through, started BWL, and secluded himself away from the world for a time. Shortly thereafter, A newly dead rogue rose up in Tirisfal, and began his journeys through the world. Along the way, he's found that now ancient shaman, a troll hunter, and another newly dead; a warlock this time.

As to that nelf hunter, he wandered through Azeroth, freelancing where needed, until he found a rare companion in a Broken Toothed cat he ran across in the Badlands ^.~. He's since gone back into seclusion.

And that's the long and the short of it.

Soloing in World of Warcraft {WoW}

Oct 27th 2006 4:00PM "As for those who say that end-game raid instances take no skill, the only person who would be quantified to say that would be someone who has beaten Kel'Thuzad. Since this people who are mostly saying that end-game raid instances are not skill based, merely time sinks, it gives me the impression that you've not spent the time (by choice or by circumstance) going to these places, so how can you say that?"

This is quite possibly one of the biggest loads of crap I've seen in my life. Tell us then, have you downed Kel'Thuzad with your guild? If not, then how about C'thun? Twin Emperors? Nefarian? For that matter, have you personally spent the time wiping on any of the endgame raid bosses with your guild, assuming you have one? As I mentioned in a prior post, I most certainly have. I've done so with multiple guilds, for that matter, and on the same boss to boot. Skill only accounts for a small portion of defeating raid bosses, and time is right behind it for the least important parts of progression. Does it help? Most certainly, but it's not the be all end all by any means. The hardest part of beating any boss in any raid is getting 39 individuals to listen to one single person.

Want to know the real key behind the success of top guilds? The people you see there on world first kills listen. They do everything required of them, unfailingly and unquestioningly. They're willing to respec, spend hours farming consumables, anything for that slight edge. That's it. Nothing more, nothing less. Even then, it's not really all that extra stuff that pushes them over the top, just the ability to listen and carry things out precisely.

I'll illustrate my point using The Four Horsemen out of Naxx. I'll admit I haven't killed them, but watch a kill video. There's two things worth noting about the encounter.

1. There's nothing terribly hard about it. It's a tank and spank, with a few small twists, the most notable being the rotations required due to the 'Mark' abilities of the Horsemen.

2. It's really a gear block. Until you have the gear giving you the endurance to last through the whole fight, you really don't have a chance of beating them. All the tanks need at least 4/8 Dreadnaught, and I'm sure that the same goes for the rest of the raid as well. What's that mean? It's easier to do if you have more time to spend farming the lower bosses and have gone through AQ40 for all the gear in there.

So, as has been said; It takes time to farm the gear and a willingness to listen and follow instructions. Skill has been replaced with UI mods and addons, and after that, it's all about how much time you have on your hands.

Soloing in World of Warcraft {WoW}

Oct 27th 2006 3:45PM Having spent the hours upon hours wiping on bosses 'learning' them, I can honestly say that 'learning' a boss takes one or two wipes, tops. Beyond that, it's a simple matter of getting 40 people to press the right buttons at the right time, or bite the bullet on addons and install the ones that allow them to decurse faster, or heal faster/more efficiently, or whatever else. There's no skill in ANY of that. I've watched plenty of kill videos, from Death and Taxes, Risen, Nihlium, Fires of Heaven, and whoever else you'd like to bring up. It's 40 people relying entirely on addons to do 90% of the work for them. KTM, Benecast, Decursive, CT Raid Boss Mod. What skill is there in any of that? I'd say there's none.

Ultimately, once you have an instance on 'farm', then that's it. There's clearly no skill involved in that, and these are the same bosses. They don't change from the first time you fight them to the time you have them on farm, so what actually changes? It's not that you're more skilled for having wiped 50 times. You've simply memorized everything that could possibly go wrong, and learned to deal with it more efficiently. Learning efficiency has nothing to do with player skill in any way, shape or form. Claiming otherwise proves that you are simply full of yourself and are hanging on to a selfish desire to be better than anyone who puts in less time and effort wiping on bosses because they don't have the time to do so.

Oh, and Krit, I loved your comparison of AQ40 to Deadmines, although I think that Scarlet Monastary would be a better comparison, with the Cathedral wing being a good example of it. There's less bosses, to be certain, but I remember wiping in a very proportional manner on Lady Whitemane and High Lord Mograine figuring out that you beat him, kill her after she resurrects him, then kill her. There's a few other bosses in other lower level instances that are similar.

All in all, I think this of raids:

The hardest part of any 40 man raid I've ever been a part of is finding one person willing to pay attention to every last thing the boss does, learning their behavior, and then finding a way to get the other 39 to listen to everything they say to do in order to counter the bosses script. That's all there is to it, plain and simple. Beyond that, it's just a matter of time spent. The real skill shows in how few times you wipe on the bosses that don't exist solely to make sure you have adequate gear for the bosses beyond them, such as Princess Huhuran in AQ40 or Baron Geddon in MC.