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How much WoW is too much WoW? {WoW}

Jun 2nd 2010 5:24PM I started playing WoW as a way to kind of "hang out" with a friend who moved. I spent a lot of time with him playing, which I totally enjoyed. Learning and experiencing new things in a game that I had previously shunned ignorantly. My wife noticed me playing it and she got started too. We casually play with our guilds and never take the game seriously. That first look of excitement on her face when she got her first epic item was like a child being born.
The question is: "What is too much?"
The answer is a question: "Why are you asking this question?"
Then it breaks down into personal opinions, lifestyles and views.
I enjoy the comments from Nitt, Paul, Medros and Shanna. Reading these posts put some of my concerns in the back of my head to rest. Thanks for taking the time to post!


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