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Scattered Shots: Internal review {WoW}

Aug 9th 2010 1:31PM You said you've tried BM with ferocity and tenacity and the same for MM. What about the cunning pets and the survival tree?

Scattered Shots: Internal review {WoW}

Aug 9th 2010 1:29PM For me, the first character I made when I bought Wow and its 2 expansions was a Dwarven hunter named Orleb. About a year later, my main is still my hunter and he's an 80 survival specced hunter currently gearing up through heroics. It's taken me so long because I got sidetracked playing my druid alt (I know, I'm ashamed), as well as having to start my hunter over because I hadn't been playing correctly and wanted to experience everything the "right" way. After Cataclysm comes out, I'll level Orleb up to 85 before gearing him up as best as possible without raiding. You see, I can only play occasionally and never during raid times so the best gear for me is through heroics and the like. After he's geared up, I'll try out raiding if I can adjust my schedule. If not, I'll just level my druid and then my priest. Also as for hitting the big mark, congrats. I started out reading around six months ago and never miss a post now. As for the types of articles I like to read, I enjoy stuff on dungeons, leveling, soloing, and 10 guides, "best" guides, and gear guides. Also, yea the option to not be able to choose more than one option is really annoying, especially in the last poll. You should add an "everything above" choice to it. I'm sure it'll win out.

Breakfast Topic: The best class choice for new players {WoW}

Aug 8th 2010 10:37AM When I first started out World of Warcraft, it was last summer and I had tried it out because of an advertisement on a soda bottle we bought on our way home from a vacation on cruise. The advertisement said that I could get a 10 day free to play trial, so I decided why not. After getting my trial account installed, I decided to roll a Dwarven hunter as my first class because of the fact that I could tame my own pets and have them tank for me while I would attack from a distance. After I hit 20 and my free trial ended, I decided to make another free trial and try horde this time. So I rolled a Tauren druid. The forms were awesome! I only got him to level 18 though before my trial ended because my sister wished to try the game out for herself. Soon about two months later, I received the actual game with both expansion packs using the money I had been saving up. After installing it, I decided to continue on my 20 hunter. After he got up to 32, I deleted him as I didn't enjoy the direction I had taken him. So I started a whole new hunter. Fast forward a year later and you'll find that new hunter as my 80 main, gearing up for raids. You'll also find a 57 Night Elven druid which is my primary alt and a level 14 Human priest which is my secondary alt. So very happy with how my first class went and after Cataclysm comes out, I will make each class and try out each spec to find a new alt. This is after I get all three of my characters up to 85. So for me, even though my first class was a hunter which seemed pretty easy for me play (though I did do constant research on how to improve him), I recommend newcomers try out a druid and get them up to about 40, and then pick which role you seem to enjoy the most. Then you can either level that spec up to 80 or start a whole new class with that role you enjoyed. So yea that's what I think, but mostly follow your gut instinct as that's what I did and I'm perfectly happy with my choice after about a year.

WoW Moviewatch: Starting Zone Struggles {WoW}

Aug 6th 2010 12:22PM Best. Job. Ever.

The Queue: [Reins of the Rusted Santadrake] {WoW}

Aug 6th 2010 11:27AM The truth and nothing but the truth lol.

Breakfast Topic: Soundtrack to my e-life {WoW}

Aug 6th 2010 10:28AM I love the music of Wow, specifically the songs in the capital cities. My favorite is the one from Stormwind. If I'm questing I'll turn up the volume just enough so that I can hear the music and not hear the annoying sound of my footsteps. But currently my headphones are broken so I have to get them fixed before I can listen to more awesome Wow music.

Scattered Shots: Cataclysm hunter video roundup {WoW}

Aug 5th 2010 5:44PM Nope your not alone lol, because I certainly did.

WoW Moviewatch: Mama Said Freeze You Out {WoW}

Aug 5th 2010 12:19PM Yea I agree with you, Michael the lyrics could have used some work. What I found most enjoyable about the video was not the music but the PvP instead as the mage totally demolished the horde easily (I'm Alliance).

Breakfast Topic: Hacked off by hackers {WoW}

Aug 5th 2010 11:33AM I was hacked two months ago when I responded to an email that I thought at that time came from Blizzard. The email said that I had been banned from the game for 3 hours because I had been abusing chat channels recently, which struck me as odd as I hadn't typed anything in chat channels in the last few weeks besides congratulations and looking in trade for people to craft stuff for me. So after attempting to log on and failing, I sent an email to Blizzard saying that they must have made a mistake. After Blizzard responds saying that they're positive that they had noticed me abusing chat channels, the truth of it hit me. You see, earlier that day, I had been playing when I kept getting disconnected; so I decided to wait until my connection improved. It must have been during that time that the hacker hacked me and used my characters to abuse chat channels, getting me banned for 3 hours so that I'd think I did something wrong and not suspect a hacker. Well I didn't know at that time that I had been hacked so I just assumed I had unwittingly been mean in chat. After the 3 hours passed, I logged back on and discovered my main's bags, bank, and character were empty. Ironically though, the hacker didn't touch my two low level but still pretty rich alts. After sending a report to Blizzard and receiving my items back after a few weeks, I installed an authenticator and changed my password. Since then, there have been no incidents of hacking whatsoever. That is until yesterday, when I attempted to log on and discovered I couldn't. After trying multiple times, I despaired that I had been hacked again. So I went to and changed my password. After successfully logging back in, I breathed a sigh of relief and settled down to play.