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'Orphan' Angers Adoptive Parents {ParentDish}

Jul 22nd 2009 8:11PM GET OVER IT. I was adopted at birth and turned out just fine. If someone can watch a Hollywood movie and change their entire life based around a work of fiction, they themselves need to have their heads checked.

I watched Harry Potter! I wanna send my kid to a private school so he can learn magic!!!

Burning Crusade Arena PvP {WoW}

Oct 18th 2006 2:32PM But it brings up this question...

What about people who decide to slap on blues as they enter combat? Does it measure the epics you have in your bags/bank? Read on...

My warrior has a ton of epics. 45 to be exact. But this counts Dark Iron gear and mostly my good tank outfit. Those sets are almost useless in hardcore high-damage PVP. So does the amount of tank gear I've obtained affect my battlegroups? If it does, will it affect as much as having a full "PVP" set?

Basically, I think they should weigh warriors with such things as full Wrath and tank gear as LESS geared than warriors with 30% chance to crit and 5K hitpoints...which can almost be achieved with blues. That's just my opinion.

Versus casters, at least, I hold the above to be true on most every occasion. You want to hit hard and harder....kill them before they have the chance to kill you. Vs other warriors, the tank gear might be better off. It's all relative, I'd say, which means that pairing up by gear will be very finicky.

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