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Enter to win a Creative World of Warcraft wireless headset {WoW}

Sep 24th 2009 11:00AM Awesome, a new Creative Headset would rock! .

Sony: PS2 back compat not returning to PS3 (ever) {Joystiq}

Aug 20th 2009 8:35PM The age of backwards compatibility is OVER. Virtual Console and its relative success was all anyone needed to see on that one.

BC is the sacrificial lamb on the altar of digital delivery. As long as there is a successful model for publisher's to resell content with next to nil manufacturing/distribution costs, there is no longer an incentive for them to provide ways for you to play their back catalog for free on current systems.

As the prices of digital content are being pressured into being lowered (iPhone app store, etc) this and other sources of "extra" revenue will only become more important. Leave no $ on any table.

This is the downside of digital delivery future, once optical media is removed, any remaining expectation of BC goes with it. Sony is just starting that train early because of the importance of it as a new revenue stream.

MacBook Pro owners report hard drive lag {}

Aug 3rd 2009 5:47PM Indeed, this is making me especially glad I spent the extra cash on an SSD. Sorry to hear about the troubles others are having though... Yuck.

Modern Warfare 2: Prestige Edition includes working night vision goggles, original Call of Duty for PSN/XBLA [update] {Joystiq}

Jul 14th 2009 12:09AM These are so you can see the shark you just jumped over in the middle of the night on your snowmobile.


Giant Bomb makes an app (and, more importantly, a commercial) {}

Jul 7th 2009 8:47AM I have to agree with the other comments here that Mike is unfortunately a bit tone deaf on the value of the app itself (Nothing personal, I'm a fan Mike's and the WoW Insider Show). As others have said already, Safari on the iPhone is unsatisfactory for viewing many sites (Giant Bomb among them) and this app puts control of the content in a easy to navigate form.

I'll gladly pay a couple bucks to support a site I enjoy that comes up with better ways to deliver that content to me. Of course it is totally optional, you can still visit their website for free, so this isn't fleecing, its additional service options.

This app model when done right is good for consumers who want it, and if profitable for the sites to employ, a good thing for them as well.

Kudo's to Mike for giving them some additional press/attention, even if he doesn't agree on the value of the app.

Why weren't you in line this morning? {}

Jun 19th 2009 9:59PM Ordered it online, AT&T overnighted it to me (free of charge) and it was waiting for me on my porch when I got home from work. Who needs lines? :)

Uncharted 2: get yer lava hot multiplayer beta codes {Joystiq}

Jun 15th 2009 8:01PM Holy crap, how is it they are all invalid within seconds of the page loading (and no I didn't start at the top!).

Foiled again...and I would have gotten away with it if it wasn't for you darn kids!


Taking a walk with Milo, Molyneux's Project Natal 'game' {Joystiq}

Jun 2nd 2009 9:38AM Look forward beyond the pedo-talk and current limitations making a game out if it and instead think how you could add it to a game.

How about a chess game where your virtual opponent can read your expressions or talk to you while you play. Or a strategy or board game where your virtual opponent changes strategy based on your verbal or non-verbals. Or an rpg where you literally perform a role am your group members interact with you on this level. That isn't what Milo is, but it is where visionaries like Peter and tech like this can take us.

Here's the Halo: Reach E3 trailer {Joystiq}

Jun 1st 2009 5:59PM Planetside done Bungie style...epic MMOFPS. :)

Thumbprint required to trade in games in Florida {Joystiq}

May 30th 2009 8:20PM So wait, do you have to give a blood sample to trade in a car?