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Remote Auction House beta testing ends {WoW}

Jun 8th 2010 8:13AM If you have the authenticator app installed on your iphone it prompts you with a continue button and then automatically populates when you conduct a transaction which involves currency and it seems to stay logged in for about 5-10 minutes before requesting you enter the code again, which really only means pressing an extra button to automatically migrate the code in.

I found this frustrating because I like to use the FOB rather than the iphone, however I found a work aruond by conducting my mobile AH banking on a second account and tied the authenticator app to that account, worked like a charm.

all up I'm pretty happy with the app, and besides 2.99 US is about what I pay for the following on an almost daily basis: can of red bull, parking for 4 hours, cup of cofee, 2 new itunes songs, DVD rental/console game rental, tip for the pizza guy etc... Realistically I don't see it being that much extra but then again the ability to check my auctions when I'm at work or at a party is a bonus for me as it cuts down on the time which I have to spend when i get home logging onto my toons and buying/selling, instead I can get all that done while I'm on lunch at work or even if i'm sitting in a boring meeting, then once I get home I have an extra maybe 30 minutes a day to do daily's, dungeons etc.