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Enter to win a Blazing Hippogryph and other loot {WoW}

Jul 27th 2010 1:25PM Fingers crossed >.

The Queue: Different {WoW}

Jun 29th 2010 12:45PM @itsthebrent

Being a new Horde, dont miss the opportunity to experience some awesome arthas related stuff in UC. Start at the courtyard outside (where the midsummer bonfire is) and get a 'lock to throw detect invisibility on will then see the ghost of former Lordearon residents. From there, move through to the bell tower, turn OFF your music and crank up the ambient will be able to hear the ringing of the now ruined bells as Arthas returned from Northrend to murder his father. As you walk forwards you can see the rosepetals on the floor, where they were thrown over Arthas by residents of the city, and you can just make out their cheers.

Enter the throneroom and wait..and you wll hear the conversation Arthas had with his father , repeating over and over...ending with the epic "...succeeding you, father" line. Also watch for the bloodstain from the Terenas' crown, that is still visable on the throneroom floor even today. After that i like to move towards the lifts down to UC itself, stopping by Terenas' the inscription on it. All in all, a very moving experience.

Also take a moment to visit Invincible's grave out in Tirisfal Glades...

Breakfast Topic: Dealing with unpleasant players {WoW}

Jun 8th 2010 11:37PM Not sure anything can beat the weird experience I had in Hc HOS the other day: Group zones in, and the other four of us suddenly realise that the priest healer, (Forsaken Male), is wearing only a wedding dress and a vanity ring from Haris Pilton, and carrying a bunch of roses.

Tank says "Dude, you do realise that its the woman who's supposed to wear the dress?" No response...we wait for five minutes. Priest is still in dress with his flowers. Tank says "are you going to put your gear on or what?". Priest replies " I can heal you, its only a hc, chill out".

At this point i swear our chars were all taking a BIG step backwards from the priest, while making "Cuckoo" motions behind his back.

Tank pulls the first few mobs...we get to the first big room, tank pulls multiple mobs.....

...priest runs back to the instance entrance mid-pull and says "brb poo" /afk

I think you can guess what happened next.