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Breakfast Topic: Dealing with unpleasant players {WoW}

Jun 9th 2010 7:24AM I tend to try to resolve the problems before they get to serious. For instance, the other day i was gearing up my fresh mage in HoS. The lower GS bracket is often filled with unexperienced players, so we wiped a few times while defending Bronzebeard. One of the dps then started to blame the healer for not healing, the healer blamed the tank for not holding aggro and the tank blamed the DPS for not nuking the mobs fast enough. Instead of taking someones side, i gave a comment that made everyone satisfied. "Healing here is rather hard with only 3k GS, tanking is also hard due to the constant stream of mobs that require instant aggro, and its not always easy to know which mobs to dps or if you should AoE." Now, even though some of it was not really true, it seemed to satisfy the group. After a few more wipes we got him down and all was fun and games again. Newly dinged 80s wiping in HoS might not be the most dramatic thing to happen in gaming history, but no matter the circumstance, there is usually a way to solve a problem with a few words that satisfies everyone, then target one induvidual player.