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Totem Talk: Getting resurrected restoration shaman back to speed, and level 90 talents {WoW}

Mar 20th 2012 4:40PM A good holy pally will blow you away in ten man. I hear shaman really shine in 25. (Chain and Rain) I'm about even with our druid healer in 10 man atm. But yea a lot of our healing is about utility over output. So I'm cool with it. :)

Cataclysm Talent Preview: Restoration shaman {WoW}

Jun 10th 2010 10:56AM Pretty pumped about the new talents all around. I feel like a lot of talent points are freed up w/o all the obligatory +crit talents. I was thinking of a build like this:

It has a bit of everything. Convection vs. Concussion depends on how our mana situation will be. Enhancing totems vs. ghost wolf depends on which totems we will be using regularly. Thoughts?