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Reader UI of the Week: Excellence's UI {WoW}

Jun 10th 2010 12:37PM Hey, Ex here. Took me a while to see the post, cheers to my guildies for poking me!

And cheers for the spotlight Mathew! :)

There were a few questions that I think I should answer.

I don't use anything for key binding, I use wow's built in menu. To be honest, I don't know what sort of handling they need :) For those seeking key binding inspiration, I highly recommend the shift key. I do move with WASD and hit with 1234QETFGV, but then stances, shouts, cooldowns, aoe, and other less frequently used abilities are on shift-WASD and shift-1234QETFGV. Bags, achievements, and the like are on their default hotkeys (F8-12, B, Y, I, so on), then just turn off the menu bar.

The "Vev" frame is the target-of-target frame (Vev was tanking), and my focus (when active) frame is on the other side. You can set up Pitbull to show just the debuffs on your focus or any other frame, it's under auras somewhere.