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The magical alchemy of mouseovers plus a Razer Naga {WoW}

Jun 10th 2010 4:57PM Using a razer naga AND vuhdo - even better!
YES vuhdo does all the hard work for you in the mouseover macros and you can configure any key to cast with the custom keybindings but having those fantastic features AND the quickly accessible buttons on the naga makes this combination unstoppable.
I have been using the naga for 6 months and it is a bit awkward to get used to at first but once you get your thumb placement downpat it really is a majestic piece of hardware.
I use this to heal and dps ( I use vuhdo to dps on my priest too) however I just used macaroon for the bar ui as I already had this setup before the mouse change (just setup a 3x4 bar as a visual reminder)
It may not be for everyone but it has made a world of difference to my healing / dps metres and my play style in general