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Patch 4.2 PTR Firelands Impressions: Beth'tilac {WoW}

May 14th 2011 5:24PM Burning Crusade, unless you count the wimpy spider boss that can spawn in the Servant's Quarters in Kara.

As for spider bosses in other expansions/vanilla that I can think of:

Vanilla: High Priestess Mar'li (ZG), Mother Smolderweb (LBRS), Maexxna (Naxx)
Wrath: Hadronox (AN), Maexxna (Naxx 2.0)
Cata: just Beth'tilac for now

Did I miss any?

WoW Moviewatch: Immortalis' second birthday {WoW}

May 11th 2011 2:58PM My guild's 5 1/2 years old. We've never really thought of celebrating our birthday though.

Patch 4.2 Preview: Tier 12 armor sets {WoW}

Apr 29th 2011 7:17PM I think the rogue set kind of falls in the middle of the pack. It's not as bad as say T1, horde T9, or T11. However, it falls below T2, T5, and T8. It's not bad but not really unique or memorable either.

Encrypted Text: The secret rogue skills {WoW}

Apr 13th 2011 3:11PM The Suppression Rooms before Broodlord Lashlayer in BWD provide a fair challenge for rogue. I'm surprised it wasn't included in the article. To get to Broodlord Lashlayer one must go through several rooms with suppression devices - traps that give off an AoE aura which reduces movement/attack/casting speed by 80%. A rogue can of course disarm the traps. However, if you get too close to the traps the aura will break stealth, and you also have to be cautious to not agro any of the mobs scattered throughout the rooms. It takes a skilled rogue to chain disarm the traps leading to the Broodlord without breaking stealth.

Patch 4.1 adds ... a resort town? {WoW}

Apr 6th 2011 9:06PM Heh...just last week I stumbled on the steam pools between Feralas and Silithus and was thinking about how it would be the perfect spot for a resort.

Breakfast Topic: The kill shot and other boss downing traditions {WoW}

Feb 21st 2011 3:50PM Lately I've been spicing up my guild's kill shots.

Here's a fake SS for when we downed heroic Halfus. Halfus killed our raid with a shadow nova after he enraged, but our shaman ankhed and burned his last 200k health:

And another real SS where I added a little letter that parodied the "From the Desk of Lord Victor Nefarius" letter you got if you took more than four hours to kill Nefarian after starting the red scepter shard quest:

The Queue: Alex won't shut up about his RIFT characters edition {WoW}

Feb 6th 2011 1:23PM After the Cataclysm I noticed that the roots of Teldrassil near Rut'theran Village were cleanly cut. What caused this exactly? Did the night elves cut away the damaged parts of the roots after Deathwing attacked there (not sure if that as part of his original path of destruction)?

In defense of gear simulations {WoW}

Feb 4th 2011 7:32PM Math is Power!

Scattered Shots: Cataclysm hunter trinkets {WoW}

Jan 24th 2011 11:45AM I have to disagree with you about rogues wanting Essence of the Cyclone. Crit is the least desired stat for Assassination and is second lowest on the list (after mastery) for Combat. There are actually three heroic dungeon trinkets that are better than non-heroic Essence of the Cyclone (Tia's Grace, Key to the Endless Chamber, and Left Eye of Rajh). For Rogues, our best trinkets are Fluid Death and Prestor's Talisman.