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Breakfast Topic: Top Five Instances {WoW}

Oct 26th 2006 9:39PM top 5 instances?

5. SFK - woo werewolves!
4. Scholo - loads of bosses and great loot.
3. BD Strat - Mmm baron run. Tons of great loot and easy to do in an hour.
2. Naxx - Havent played it yet, but all the vids i se make it look really cool and epic.
1. BRS - mostly UBRS since thats the only instance i run there. Huge looming mountain, lava and the a lot of the color black. Hellish. cant wait to get to MC. :P

No plans to tweak the current raid dungeons after BC release {WoW}

Oct 19th 2006 8:28PM im a little disappointed, i work odd hours so i mostly play in the dead of night, and my weekends are full of work too, so i was excited when i heard the rumor that the 40 mans might be coming down to 25 man. alas, the rumor was debunked. looks like ill just have to have my work schedule changed to run MC/Naxx/Ony/AQ40 >_

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