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Aug 24th 2010 8:54PM what ever happened to the different dances???

15 Minutes of Fame: When the guild family is literally all family {WoW}

Jun 15th 2010 6:34PM Along time ago before WoW I played UO with my hubby and our youngest daughter (10 at the time). I finally got my parents to play Pop didn't mind it so much due to he left Diablo for UO. My mom well she was the harder one. She doesn't like to kill no joke even in a game. Luckily in UO you don't have to kill to get your skills and also you can do other things besides killing. So she was/still busy doing other things. Well my hubby joined WoW 5-7 months after it hit the shelves due to a real life friend (isn't that how it usually starts?) and he left us in UO. Well years later we sadly and yes some times feel guilty for it we left UO and we play WoW. But my parents stayed in UO to this day. (wish WoW would find my mom a way to play without fighting) Its now me, hubby, youngest daughter (adult now), her boyfriend and my son in law. My oldest is a anti wow "protester" yes we tease her all the time. I'm trying to get my sister in law to play but she is on a thin line some days i have a small chance other days .. it will never happen. But the point to all my rambling.... is I