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Shifting Perspectives: Gearing a bear druid at 85 {WoW}

Feb 8th 2011 8:50PM "This week, we'll do the helm through ring slots. Weapons, trinkets, and relics require a bit more discussion, so we'll tackle those next week."

Raid Rx: Healing at level 80 in 4.0.1 {WoW}

Sep 16th 2010 6:03PM It's the new skywall instance. In it you use cyclones (like those in sartharion) to transport to different areas of the instance. This has a catapult effect and send you off at high speed. This is what's happening in the picture - he's flying from one cyclone to the next.

Shifting Perspectives: A peek at the beta cat {WoW}

Sep 15th 2010 2:21AM technically that would be a debuff on the target - so it'll be under another rule. It will probably not get the damagebonus effect.

The Light and How to Swing It: Holy Powah! {WoW}

Jul 21st 2010 7:10PM I must say, very good job on explaining this. You had me all the way, and it wasn't too much info or to complex.

As for the changes, very cool indeed! I'm very much lookign forward to leveling my pally alt now seeing all these cool changes!

Breakfast Topic: When your alt becomes your main {WoW}

Jun 19th 2010 8:17AM I have my Druid as a main, I've had him since the beginning of Wotlk and I absolutely love him. Lately I've been working on my Paladin to get him into ICC-raids, mostly to get DKP for 10man raids my main is saved in. I wouldn't trade my Druid for anything in the world.

Our officers on the other hand have 4-5 different chars each they swap around between raids, all in pretty much equal level of gear. I asked them char which they consider their main and none could give me an answer. They just choose their char based on what the raid is lacking at the moment.

I could never do that, my Druid is my main. My Paladin is just a side-project.